River miles + Avocados definitely count + Happy Mail + Will Smith

Hi friends! This weekend totally flew by me so quickly and so did Monday! I suppose that’s what happens when your weekend gets jam packed full before you even realize it! Anyways, I’m here now and I’ve got so much to share with you today! I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today!!

Remember how one of my March intentions was to eat as many veggies as possible? Well, avocados definitely count and have become a daily staple in our household. So has the “Silver Hills” bread to go along with it…Avocado toast > everything.

The dogs even agree…

I got the best happy mail the other day! I’m not sure what it is but I love checking the mailbox every day! Anyone else? (Well besides bills…) I think I love it so much because you never know what you’re going to get…;) I was extra excited to see a package came in from SPIBelt the other day! They are THE BEST when it comes to their ambassador program and their welcome gift this year did NOT disappoint! You’ll be seeing all of these things regularly here on the blog! πŸ˜‰ PS, I’ll have a new discount code to share with you soon so you can grab your own SPIBelt too! Stay tuned for that!

This combo was fabulous the other day! You guys already know I’m all about the La Croix Sparkling water. Well, I decided to toss in a Nuun tab with it and WHOA–It was amazing! The fizz was perfect and the flavor was just enough and just what my sparkling water craving needed. There are endless combinations with this so I have a bunch of different ones planned to try really soon!

This guy tried a new spot to sleep the other day while I was blogging. He’s not so interested in trying out new La Croix drinks, but new sleeping positions, he’s totally down for. Nope, not in the way at all…I just told him when I needed to hit the “enter” button and he had it all taken care of. πŸ˜‰

Have you ever heard of “Ugli Fruit” before? I came across it the other day at the store and felt so bad they named it “ugly”…(YES, I felt bad for a fruit–don’t judge.) I mean… NO…it’s not a pomegranate or anything but GEEZ…couldn’t it have had a better name? Who’s in charge of those things? I’m willing to bet it tastes extra delicious which totally shows not to judge a book by it’s cover. Right?!

We celebrated my niece, Brooklyn’s, birthday this weekend! She turned 10 and had the cutest birthday cake I’ve ever seen. Her bowling party was a total success complete with all of her cute little friends and yummy pizza to top it all off.

She got a package of these jelly beans and you know I had to give them a try. Have you ever seen these flavors before? I knew they had all kinds of different ones, but I’d never heard of the Krispy Kreme ones before! Just for future reference, the strawberry Iced ones were great!

Got in a seriously long walk the other day down by the river. This sunny weather has us constantly outside and I don’t hate it one bit. That’s a far cry from just a little over a week ago when the rainfall never seemed to end. Here’s hoping for a super sunny and Spring-like March!

We started off with 5.4 miles for our first walk and then kept going that afternoon to finish up with 10 total miles for the day! I plan to hit up the treadmill today at the gym for running miles and I can’t wait! But goodness, long walks down by the river sure are good for the soul.

Last thing to tell you today, if you’re not following Will Smith on Instagram, you need to ASAP! He posts the most inspirational IG stories ever and they’re always too good not to share! Seriously, go search for him and get to following because he’s awesome and has such great messages all the time! That’s the good part of social media that I love, when you can keep your feed filled with motivational and inspirational people, you end up leaving better than when you started. None of that negative comparison stuff, but good–heart-filled motivation and inspiration! That’s exactly why I love following him!

I’m off to get ready for our gym date! Here’s hoping the miles fly by and I can get in some seriously good strength work while I’m there too! I’m in desperate need of some good strength training.

Enjoy your day you guys!! Do something extra special just for you today, k?

Questions for YOU today:

Who is someone that you love following on IG? Who inspires you the most there?

Do you eat Jelly Beans?

Do you carry your phone with you for your runs? If you do, how do you carry it? What belt or arm strap do you like to use?