Currently…March Edition

Hey friends! It’s Wednesday so we’re halfway through the week–We’ve totally got this! I hope you’re having a great week up to this point so far. If it’s snowing where you are, I’ll try and think positive thoughts for you because I know you guys are just downright tired of the cold in the NE part of the country. We skipped Winter pretty much here in Arkansas and have jumped straight to Spring, so no complaints coming from my world. Bring on the sunshine and gorgeous outside weather!

Today marks the first Wednesday of the new month which means it’s time for my “Currently” post!

If you’re new around here, once a month I share 5 things I’m currently doing as part of a blogger link up with Anne In Residence! Today’s currently topics include what I’m “Making, Wearing, Pretending, Seeing and Planning”!

Should we just jump in head first? I say let’s go for it!


Planning–on wearing these Momentum Jewelry wraps non-stop! I got them in the mail yesterday and can’t wait to wear them! The wrap colors are the cutest (and softest!) and the sayings on them couldn’t be more perfect.

Making–my Spring race schedule! I can’t wait to get into some good 5k and 10k races this Spring! There’s just something so motivating about Spring that really kicks my running self into gear. I love it!

Wearing–My SPIBelt bluetooth headphones! Okay, I 100% admit I am VERY late to the game on this trend but I’m thankful I jumped on board. I have really small ears which makes it hard to fit headphones that actually stay in my ear during my runs/workouts. But, SPIBelt sent me these last week in my ambassador welcome kit and I decided to just give them a try and see what happens. Who knew, they fit perfectly! I am now addicted to them and can’t believe it took me so long to jump on the wireless headphone bandwagon. So long knotted up headphones that slip and fall out ALL the time and annoy me like crazy! Hello bluetooth world filled with all kinds of wireless freedom and possibilities!

Pretending–We’re on a beach somewhere…Anyone have major beach fever right now like I do? (YES, this was on my February “currently” list too. What can I say? The beach is just calling my name and I can’t wait to see it really soon!)

Seeing–Instead of the beach, we’re at least seeing our favorite Arkansas River trail and walking/running paths pretty much on a daily basis right now. Living by water is probably my favorite thing ever. But, at some point I’m going to need to talk to someone about getting that river view right outside my window instead of down the road and around the corner…;)

That’s a wrap on this month’s currently topics! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!!


Questions for YOU today:

What’s something that you’re currently seeing, pretending, wearing, making, or planning? What’s going on in your world lately that you feel like sharing?

Do you have any upcoming vacations planned? If yes, where are you going? If not, where do you want to go?

What’s on your dinner menu tonight? Did you meal prep or do you make your meals the day of?