Big Changes + Time Management + New Favorites

Hey friends!! Happiest of Fri-YAY’s to you!! I haven’t been this excited for a Fri-YAY in quite a while. If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my IG stories yesterday popping in to tell you that I had some big news to share! You may have noticed I’ve been extra quite on the blog on IG this week, which is super out of the norm for me. But, it’s because…

I am going back to work full-time! I happened to stumble across a really great opportunity with a digital marketing company right near our neighborhood and I just couldn’t pass up submitting my resume. I haven’t been an 8-5 girl in a really long time, but I can now proudly say I’ve survived my first week! It’s been so much fun and such a huge learning experience and I can’t wait to see what’s in store as the days go on. I have to admit being nervous with all the big changes that type of schedule brings as I am completely not used to it, but I think I’ll be able to manage some way or another. So, I’ll be a “Social Media Manager” for this company and I honestly feel like it could possibly be something I’ve been looking for all along. Isn’t it crazy how things like that work out? It’s not a typical 8-5 job which is a huge reason as to why I’ve been so afraid to get back into that type of thing for so long. I’ll get to do some really fun things and hopefully bring some good ideas to the table along the way. So far, so good and I’m excited about it.

(Nick’s mom got me these gorgeous flowers as a “congratulations” with the sweetest card. His family is just the best! I consider myself the luckiest to have them!)

I’ll make sure to keep you posted as the days go on. I’m definitely going to have to learn some new tools for time management, especially when it comes to my blog. This isn’t going anywhere by any means! I’m just going to have to find a better way to manage keeping my schedule regular with you guys, as I love updating you daily on all of the randomness going on in my world. Any tips and recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

This is my life motto right now and I’m sticking to it. πŸ˜‰

Rewind back to last week where I left off with you–(Did I mention this all happened super quickly and unexpectedly? Because it did! It was a matter of days and here I am now successfully making it through my first full week there. WHHHEEWWWWW.)

I stuck to my goal of running 3 solid times last week. I even got in a few gym sessions which was really great! That’s another thing I’m going to have to figure out is a good schedule for running during the week. This whole new schedule MAY be the thing that I’ve been needing to kickstart my morning workouts. We shall see….

I even got outside for a good run on my last “free” schedule type day. I tried to soak it in as much as I could. It was perfect and just what I needed. This Momentum wrap really helped ease my mind too! πŸ˜‰

Over the weekend we got in another good workout, a 3 mile hike in our new favorite place! It’s a huge trail that wraps around Pinnacle Mountain with the most gorgeous views. We were out there for almost 2 hours just soaking in all the fresh air and gorgeous weather.

Then we came home to my favorite way to re-fuel. Avocado toast & a Bubbies pickle. Have you had these before? If not…DO IT! The best!

Before I let you go for the day, I wanted to tell you about my new favorite addiction: Halo Top Candy Bar ice cream. I used to think Peanut Butter Cup was the way to go…until I tried Candy Bar. I’m considering trying out a strict Halo Top Candy Bar diet. πŸ˜‰ I’m pretty sure I could survive on just that and be totally fine. I mean…maybe my body would crave other nutrients, but my heart sure wouldn’t! HA! It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and dare I say, the best ice cream I’ve ever had? Seriously, so good!

Alright guys, I’m so glad I finally was able to hop on and update you on what all has been going on over here. I promise to be back this week with my regular posts as I adjust to my new schedule. I can’t wait to share all of the excitement as I learn so much each day!

I hope you have the best Friday!! Let’s talk again soon, k?

Questions for YOU:

Have you ever had Halo Top Candy Bar ice cream before?

What’s your favorite way to re-fuel post workout? Any favorite snacks?

What are your favorite time management tricks for working full-time and juggling life outside of it? I’d love to know what works best for you!