Plans for the week + Out of the box + It’s been a while

Hey guys! Happiest of Mondays to you! How are you today? I hope your weekend was just wonderful in every way! My weekend was nice and relaxing filled with plenty of time to unwind, and gear up for another new week–starting today!

I am pretty proud of myself already this morning as I’ve already been awake for some Yoga with Adriene which felt AMAZINGLY good! I can’t wait to start more of my mornings that way this week. Nothing like some serious deep breathing to really wake you up for the day, right?

I thought I’d share with you what I have planned for the week as far as my workouts go.

Monday: AM Yoga + 3+ PM 3 mile walk

Tuesday: AM Cardio (T25 workout) + PM short walk

Wednesday: AM Yoga + PM run

Thursday: AM Arms & Abs + PM 3 mile walk

Friday: AM Yoga

These, of course are my plans, but may end up being modified here and there depending on the day. BUT, I love having my week planned out ahead of time so I know exactly what’s going on each day. I’m really trying to battle the whole “sit-down” job where I find myself sitting more hours of the day than standing. Last week, Nick and I got out for quite a few walks/workouts and even some lunch time walk sessions which really helped a lot! I’ve also been using my FitBit to help me stick to my goals of 10,000 steps per day as much as possible. I forget just how tricky it can be to find yourself sitting longer than an hour at a time when you’re working behind a computer in the office all day. I feel like if I can stick to this type of a routine though, it’ll definitely help!

Anyone else love a good weekly mantra? These words are definitely going to be my go-to for motivation all week long:

Over the weekend we got in our daily sunshine dose, with a tiny bit of cloudiness too! Friday night we headed out for a good long walk after work and it felt just perfect outside.

I got in some really good reading time too and I am in LOVE with this book so far.

We headed to the gym on Saturday for a serious sweat session. I love working out at the gym on the weekends because it’s so much less busy.

I got in a really good strength session which I’m still sore from today. The kettlebell and exercise ball have become my new best friends as far as strength training goes. I have a post coming up soon to show you my favorite moves with both of those! So, stay tuned for that!

Oh, I FINALLY satisfied my craving for some icy cold grapes this weekend. Grapes are usually just insanely expensive in my opinion, but I found some on sale this weekend and jumped all over them! They tasted just as delicious as I hoped and were totally worth the wait! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Overall, it was a really great weekend! We had a few movie dates, some family time with my sister/niece/mom and brother-in-law too! Plus a visit to Nick’s mom and dad! So, I’d say it was successful all around! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s hoping for a really great week packed to the brim with living outside the comfort zone box and plenty of goal digging, starting today! I hope you have the best Monday and find yourself looking forward to every day of this week, friends!

It’s the end of the month this week, so I’ve got some really exciting posts coming your way the next few days! Make sure to come back for a visit, k?

Questions for YOU today:

How was your weekend? What was your favorite part?

What’s your favorite snack at the moment?

What’s on your Monday workout plan for the day?

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