A weekend full of adventures!

Hi friends! Happiest of Tuesdays to you!!

You know those weekends that you wish would just last forever and ever? I had one of those this past weekend. It was fabulous in every way. It was THE most perfect weather. Things are going to start heating up really quickly here in Arkansas, so I’m savoring every last drop of the “Spring-like” weather we get around here. We took full advantage of the compltely sunny days and spent almost the entire weekend outside, just the way I like it.

Oh, AND I did a thing!! You know how I’m always telling you guys that I want to be a morning runner/workout girl. Well, on Friday I FINALLY got myself up out of bed before the sun came up and threw on my running shoes to hit the road for a run! I DID IT! And you know what? I didn’t die, and it was amazing! It had me wondering why on earth I don’t do it more often. Then, I remembered, sleep really is one of my favorite things, so I do not want to lie and say it was in any way easy–because it wasn’t. BUT, I was just so proud of myself for sitting up in bed at dark 30 o’clock and deciding I should just get my run in first thing. I can’t wait to do it more often you guys, it was the best! I’m slowly but surely coming around to finding some ways to squeeze in more running time, and I think this was the thing I was needing all along. YAY for running revelations! πŸ˜‰

I knocked out 3 miles bright and early and started my Friday off with a bang.

I decided after that run that it was definitely time to break out my “Believe I Am” journal to start documenting all of my training. Remember when I mentioned I would be running some 5k’s and 10k’s here soon? Well, here’s where I plan to track all of those runs! If you don’t have a Believe I Am journal, I highly recommend it! It’s got the best little nuggets of running juice and information that you get to read while you document each run/workout along your training cycle! The advice comes from elite runners and I just love getting to read all about what they recommend for us “non-elite” runners to gain some strength and speed in our own way.

Then, I treated myself to some new (to me) coffee to finish off the super productive morning kick I was having! We had heard of this coffee before and I’m all about trying new roasts, so I decided we should give it a try ourselves! It is SO good and fresh! I highly recommend it if you’ve never tried it before! I got ours at Fresh Market.

Fast forward to Saturday where I got in the longest ride we’ve ever gone on! It was also my first ride this year, and was just as fabulous as I remembered (from last year that is.) We rode down by the river trail, which we assumed would be insanely busy because everyone and their mom likes to go down by the river on sunny days here in Little Rock. It was definitely busy, but still SO nice!

There’s just something so relaxing and calming about going out for a long ride. Talk about serious endorphins by the end, and not to mention hunger too! πŸ˜‰ We ended up riding almost 26 miles! Crazy, right? I loved every mile and wish we could’ve gone forever. Although, I have ONE complaint. Whoever decided those seats were the best for bike riding surely wasn’t very bright…Talk about uncomfortable. BUT, despite that–it was such a good ride and a really good workout filled with ALL the vitamin D a girl could ask for.

Then, on Sunday, we hit the trails for a hike! There’s a trail by us called “The Ouachita Trail” that in total is 223 miles long. We definitely did NOT do 223 miles or even anywhere close to that, but knocked out a good few miles on it! This trail takes you all the way from Arkansas to Oklahoma, which sounds like a lot of work to me. It was gorgeous and SO green the entire way and I was just in heaven the entire time. Give me some outdoor time and I could stay out there forever!

It’s super scenic and all kinds of different views along the way. I can’t imagine how you could go anywhere close to 223 miles though…I guess someone had the nerve at some point though in order to create the trails there. Kudos to that guy. πŸ˜‰

Then, we of course had to refuel with my favorite. Dave’s Killer Bread (Good Seed kind) and avocado. The best combo in my opinion. I like to add garlic powder, salt and pepper to mine (we just ran out of pepper though, need to get more.). It’s the best fuel AND super filling too!

Oh, and these Kevita drinks sure make for a refreshing treat post-workout too! The Blueberry Cherry is my personal favorite, but I have a few others that I like too!

We also got in some picnic time with my cute niece and mom on Sunday too, and I totally forgot to grab a picture! But, it made for the best way to wrap up a weekend. We had a blast both days!

Here’s hoping next weekend and the weekend after that will be just as fabulous!

How was your weekend? What did you do? Any long runs for you or fun hikes? What’s on your Tuesday to-do list? Have you had a Kevita Sparkling Probiotic drink?

I’m off to work for the day, but I hope you have the BEST Tuesday!!! Enjoy every last drop!