Currently: May Edition

Hey guys! Happy, happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a great week so far! It’s flying by pretty quickly for me, and I won’t be making any complaints about that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

MAY is here you guys! Did you know? ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure we’ve all seen that meme of N’Sync’s Justin Timberlake about 23847834 times so I’ll spare you. But, I love a new fresh start of a brand new month upon us! It’s such a great time to set new intentions, goals and mindsets for the next few weeks!

Per the usual, to start off the month I’ve got my “currently” post for you today! If you’re new around the blog, this is where I get to linkup with my fellow blogger girlfriends (Anne In Residence) and share what I’m “currently” doing! Today, we’re talking about what we’re currently celebrating, sharing, wearing, creating and going!

Should we just jump right into the good stuff? I say we do!

I am currently….


My cute mom and sister this month! It’s my sister’s birthday month and of course, Mother’s Day! It’s going to be a packed month full of parties, yummy treats and celebrating and I can’t wait! Now, to come up with gifts for them is the tricky part…;)


My love for these felt boards. Seriously, I’m obsessed! They’re adorable and some of the hilarious sayings I’ve come across literally make me laugh out loud! I have one of my own and can’t wait to re-create my own for my desk at work! They’re so cute and have endless possibilities!


My new “glide” SPIBelt! I’m a SPIBelt ambassador and they sent us their newest belt to try out this week and I can’t wait to go for a run with it! It’s a thicker band, has 2 pockets and doesn’t have a buckle so it’s even more comfortable! I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts, but I have a feeling I’m going to love it!


ALL the salads. I’ve been on a huge salad kick lately and can’t stop myself when it comes to salad bars. I love creating the biggest salad possible at Whole Foods, Edwards, or just buying a giant salad at any restaurant. They’re hitting the spot right now, and I hope this kicks lasts forever! Sometimes, a salad just doesn’t sound that great but lately that’s quite the opposite for me and I don’t hate it.


…On all the hikes! We are lucky enough to live in “The Natural State” with endless National Parks to hike through. So, we decided we’re going to hit up as many parks as we can over the next few months. There are so many within driving distance with gorgeous waterfalls, so we basically HAVE to go see them. I’m working on creating a list so I’ll share it with you guys, so that if you ever come through Arkansas–you can find a few good places to hike through!


Alright you guys–that’s everything currently going on in my world, now it’s your turn! Tell me, what are you currently up to? Anything that you’re celebrating, sharing, wearing, creating or going to this month? Share away in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear all about it!!

I hope you have a fabulous day!