Treadmill miles + Can't Hurt Me by Goggins + Band workouts

The treadmill has been my best friend for running lately. I’ve been trying to work on my speed and for me–the treadmill works best in that area. I usually end up running first and then heading to the machines for either legs or arms and follow up with some sort of ab workout. I always leave the gym with a tomato red face which usually means I did a pretty good job at kicking my own butt! πŸ™‚ As far as distance goes, I’ve been sticking with under 5 miles for my workouts. I’ll start picking up more miles come next week though. I typically start the first mile between 9-9:30 pace and end up somewhere between 7:30-8:30 for the last mile. I am all about intervals and progressive runs so those have been my workouts on the treadmill the past few weeks. It feels so good to sweat and get my legs moving!

I also got these bands at Academy last week for more strength training workouts at home! I have a few good workouts planned with them and can’t wait to show you! Have you ever used resistance bands before? I had one standard band before but these take the workouts to a whole new level! Especially the “heavy” one! Talk about resistance!!

We officially wrapped up the holidays this past weekend and got our Christmas tree + decor down. It seriously feels so good to declutter and pack up all of the decorations for storage. My newfound love for organizing-self was super happy to see everything packed away until next year. I was most excited for this year’s Christmas decorations and tree because the past 2 Christmas’s we’ve not been able to decorate as our houses have been on the market. I fell in love with these ornaments I found this year and can’t wait to reuse them again come next holiday season. We always get a real tree though and this one was our best one yet! It was the most perfect shape!

It’s the craziest thing because we are in a different home every single Christmas! I told Nick that I can’t wait to see where this box ends up for Christmas 2019! If you’re new to the blog, we flip houses and usually end up moving once or twice a year and have done so for about 6 years now. So, each Christmas is spent in a new home which is always quite the fun adventure! You really never know where we’ll end up next. We’re currently looking for our next flip project in Little Rock. Here’s hoping one comes our way really soon! It’s been quite a challenge looking the past few months as everything is selling way too high for our investment purposes. I have a feeling a good one is coming our way though really soon. I can just feel it in my bones! πŸ˜‰

To kick off the new year, I have some really good reads on my list! If you haven’t heard of David Goggins before–you need to look him up ASAP! He’s the most motivating person I’ve ever listened to or read about. He has quite the lingo because he’s so insanely intense, but his message is too good. This book, “Can’t Hurt Me” has soared to the top of best sellers without him doing any press or media on it! I can’t wait to review it for you guys here on the blog!

I’ll leave you guys with a really great Yoga with Adriene video I have plans for doing the entire month of January! Check out her 30 day yoga challenge if you’re looking to add more yoga into your fitness routine! She’s my FAVORITE at-home yoga teacher and has a video for every kind of yoga you can imagine! Plus, she seems like she’s just casually chatting with you right in your own living room. I just love her and her yoga videos!

Have you taken your Christmas decorations down just yet? What’s the next holiday you plan to decorate for?

What’s one workout you plan on adding into your routine this month?

What’s on your weekend to-do list?

Have a fabulous Thursday! I hope you get some time in today for a good sweat session!