My experience with Grove Collaborative + Non-Toxic New Year

The holidays are officially behind us which leaves plenty of clean up left to do around the house. Well, at least that’s the case for us! Between Christmas tree pine needles showing up around every corner and sticky fudge smudges from baking in the kitchen–our house was ready for a DEEP cleaning!

I’ve been slowly transitioning all of our household cleaning products to healthier and non-toxic versions this past year but hadn’t fully made the switch on everything. If you’ve ever glanced at the back of your household products to see what chemicals they’re made up with–you probably cringed like me a time or two. One of my biggest pet peeves is when there are ingredients/chemicals listed that don’t even sound like they’re in plain English! Or heck, they even include numbers most of the time! What does that stuff even mean and why am I consuming it? I surely have no clue! One thing I’m certain about though is that it absolutely can’t be good for our bodies to touch those chemicals and then consume food or let our little ones play around near them.

I feel like we all get caught up with making sure our foods have better ingredients, but then we tend to overlook the things we’re using to clean our homes with just out of pure simple habit! I know I didn’t grow up around healthier versions of cleaning products! It only makes sense if you really think about it though as we touch the countertops surfaces multiple times a day and bring in all kinds of germs from outside places! This is really the case anywhere throughout the house. I don’t even want to think about the gross germs floating around on the various door handles…(yikes!)

I’ve always had problems with breathing and allergies so something I found really interesting when I did my research was that there are studies that show that using certain household cleaning sprays, even as little as once a week, raises the risk of developing asthma. I think I’ll do without that, thank you! Also, did you know that Government regulations don’t require ingredients to be listed on any cleaning products? Yeah, that doesn’t sound promising to me in any way! If I have the option to make a safer choice, you better bet I’m on board! These are just a few of the major reasons I’d been interesting in making big changes when it comes to cleaning our home.

I came across a super good deal with a company called Grove Collaborative a few weeks ago and wanted to share my thoughts with you guys on how it went! This is totally #notsponsored but just my true honest opinion of what I thought of their products and my experience with them!

I had seen and heard of the company so many times before from some big YouTubers I follow but hadn’t ever really decided to get serious with making an actual purchase. The deal included 14 items (mostly full-sized) for $28! That totally hooked me in because some of those bottles can be $5-10 on their own! So, I decided to pull the trigger and see what all the hype was about.

Needless to say, I was like a kid on Christmas when the box made it to our front door! With every item I unpacked I kept telling Nick, “Look, it’s NON-TOXIC!!” He was secretly just as excited because we’ve talked about making the switch for so long now! He’s always looking at ingredients of things so this online order was a slam dunk in his book!

My favorite part of the order is definitely the Peppermint Multi-Surface spray. I go through that stuff so quickly because it seems like our countertops are almost always getting covered with something whether it’s dust or just things that fly around from cooking on the stove so much! It smells SO good and has made it’s way back into my basket for a 2nd order!

The things that surprised me most, that I’ve never considered using a non-toxic version of, was the toilet paper and paper towels! I guess it just never crossed my mind that we should be using better versions of each–but once I checked out the information of the back of the products it all made so much more sense! Why we don’t use bamboo based paper products more often is beyond me because that stuff grows like CRAZY!

The other thing I was super impressed by was the washable sponges that you can just re-use by throwing them into your dishwasher for a quick rinse! I had no idea they even made sponges like that!

Overall I’d give my experience with Grove Collaborative an A+ because I was thoroughly impressed by everything they included in the order! The fact that almost every item was full-sized and not just sample sized was super exciting and felt worth every penny in my book! I wasn’t sure about the scents for some when I placed my order but once I opened them up–I was sold! They’re all super refreshing and not overly strong which I feel like is a common problem with most household products these days! It tends to get even worse when you mix different products for all of the different rooms around the house. I even get headaches when things are too strong and I can confidently say none of these have caused me any issues!

The cute little caddy won me over too! It’s so nice to be able to carry all of the products together around the house instead of losing them in random rooms!

Over on their website, they have a ton of different items you can shop for and even setup a monthly subscription to! I love the fact that they just deliver them right to your door and you can customize each shipment to exactly what you need! I was really surprised they let you edit your subscription as often as you’d like–so if you’re fully stocked you can just skip your monthly order!

All of their products are non-toxic and sustainable materials! A huge plus that made me fall in love with Grove is that with every order a portion goes to the Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees across the United States. They’re aiming to plant one million new trees over the next three years! How awesome is that?

If you’ve been looking at making the switch to healthier-for-your-family household cleaning products–you should definitely consider using Grove Collaborative! I’m SO glad I did! Do your research and see why it’s vital for our health to use non-toxic and sustainable products around your home! Remember, we only get one chance at living our healthiest and happiest life, so what better time to start than NOW!

Have you ever considered using different household cleaning products? If you do, what’s your favorite one? I’d love to add more to my collection!

Do you use an oil diffuser or essential oils? If yes, what’s your favorite scent?

What big plans do you have for the weekend? Anything exciting going on in your neck of the woods? Do tell! ๐Ÿ™‚

**Be sure to tune in tomorrow because we’re sitting down for the very first “Ultimate Coffee Date” of the year to catch up on all things life and running!