Ultimate Coffee Date: January 2019

It’s officially the first weekend of the New Year and I’m all here for it! Did this week feel extra long or was it just me? I always feel that way about short weeks though–it’s like they sneak in a few extra days to make up for the actual days off from working! I wonder who I can talk to about fixing that…

Anyways, who’s up for a coffee date with me? Virtual coffee–of course! Let’s get together and chat about all of the things that are going on lately! I’m linking up with Coco & Deborah today for the Ultimate Coffee Date!

IF we were having a coffee date, I’d tell you:

We had the best date last night complete with delicious wine & yummy salmon from Bonefish Grill! Their mashed potatoes are my favorite thing in the world! We had a gift card there and it was such a welcomed dinner date for us! Every time we leave we always say, “we should go back there more often!”

I got the cutest Momentum Jewelry package yesterday! They have the cutest things that it’s always so hard to pick when I’m placing an order! This is my last year as an ambassador with them and I’m crossing my fingers I get to be an alum in their program come time to apply! They really are the absolute best company with the most amazing mission behind all that they do with their cute motivation jewelry line!

I found a shirt that fits me perfectly! Anyone else? HA!

I’m still non-stop snacking on these Chocolate Hazelnut filled Clif Bars! They fill my sweet tooth and give me the perfect amount of energy for a work out or even as a post-workout treat! They’re too good not to share!

We’re itching to get outside today because it’s FINALLY sunny!! It’s also unseasonably warm and will be almost 60 degrees today so we have plans to spend most of the day outside! It seems like it’s been rainy and gloomy for weeks now so I can’t wait to hit publish on this post and get outside!

Alright, time for updates on what’s going on in your world! Tell me, what would you share if we were having the Ultimate Coffee Date?

Is this weekend a busy one for you or are you planning on staying home and relaxing?

What’s your favorite snack right now? Anything I need to add to my list to try? Do tell!

What’s your current favorite Netflix binge? We’re always looking for new shows to add to the watch list so leave your recommendations in the comments below!

Happy weekend!!