Friday Favorites: Gym Entertainment + Snacks + Cool Downs

FRI-YAY is here!! Who else is excited? I know I am! We’re FINALLY getting to see the sun this weekend after another gloomy week here in Arkansas and I’m going to soak as much sunshine into my soul as humanly possible! This gloominess and cloudiness consuming our days makes it way too hard to be any kind of productive! Hopefully that changes in the next few days! Fingers crossed!

Remember last week when I planned to do my 5 miler and asked you to keep me accountable? WELL, I did it! 5 miles went into my running bank! The good news is that it was a speedier 5 miles than I planned on. The bad news? I think I pulled something somewhere in my lower back after that run. It was the strangest thing because it didn’t bother me DURING the run, but AFTER it flared right up. To be on the safe side, I’ve taken off from running this entire week to rest and hopefully heal up whatever was tickled after that workout. I’ve done the elliptical, lots of stretching and even applied heat when it was bothering me. I’m going to wait just a few more days and then try to go for a short run on Monday to see how it goes. Fingers crossed it heals right up with some R&R!

In the meantime though, we did get outside this week for a long 5 mile walk which felt really good! See the gloomy weather though? Spring can come into season any day now! 😉

Let’s talk Friday Favorites, shall we?


Lately, I’m loving when I’m at the gym and HGTV is playing Fixer Upper! It helps time go by so much faster when there’s a good episode on! Chip and Joanna are real life #goals.

I’ve also been really loving the Hurdle podcast! It has such an inspirational message behind it because Emily (the host) interviews the best guests!

This is a little snippet from her website:

“Hurdle features people who got through a tough time—a hurdle of sorts—by integrating wellness into their routines. In the modern world we live in filled with anxiety, pressure, and obscene amounts of competition, wellness in all of its forms is an outlet. Some of the biggest, baddest, most inspirational humans and top CEOs got to where they are today because they found themselves with the help of yoga, running, juicing, a new approach to eating, meditation, crystals—the list goes on. Hurdle brings you their stories, the lessons they learned, and hopefully gives you the push you need to live a healthier, happier, more motivated life.”

I’ve started a new cool down post-workout by hopping on the stationary bike! It feels so good to bring my heart rate down and move my legs in a different way rather than my average run/walk. I’m going to try to get in a few spin classes here soon too to help cross-train in between my run sessions! (As long as my lower back tells me that’s okay on Monday! ;))

Next up, gimme all the blackberries. Yep, I’m still on the berry train! No shame in my berry-obsessed game. This whole bowl was gone in about .5 seconds!

Another favorite snack lately, these little cuties! It’s still impossible for me to just eat 1 at a time. I end up eating 2-3 every time I go grab these little guys for a snack.

That’s a wrap on today’s Friday Favorites! What are you loving lately? Tell me all about your favorites in the comments below!

Questions for you:

What are your favorite running shoes?

Do you ever do any type of cross-training?

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this weekend?