East Coast Road Trip Part 3: Charleston to Hilton Head + Travel Vlog

Road Trip Recap

Hi friends! How was your weekend? I hope it was wonderful! We had GORGEOUS weather here in Arkansas and it was the most perfect weekend to get outside!

Today on the blog, I’m so excited to share the very last part of our East Coast Road Trip! Part 3: Charleston to Hilton Head is quite the jam-packed blog and vlog for you so get comfy and get ready for ALL of the pictures and fun video from our trip!

I’ll go ahead and link the vlog here at the top for you to check out!

*You can see Part 1 here and Part 2 here if you’d like to catch up!

I have SO much to tell you about the last leg of our trip! The last few days we spent with ZERO plans and ZERO idea of where we would end up and it turned out to be the best idea we’ve had travel wise. It was so much fun to let go and see where the days took us! We saw SO many places in just a matter of days and couldn’t believe it by the time we were headed home.

Let’s rewind back to the where we stopped last time. We started out bright and early to head down to check out Wrightsville Beach first. I hadn’t ever stepped foot in the East Coast waters so I was so excited to see it for the first time! It was B E A U T I F U L but C O L D! We took off our socks and shoes once we got to the sand but quickly regretted that decision! I don’t know if my feet have ever been that cold. The views though were totally worth the freezing toes.

Wrightsville Beach

It doesn’t get much better than a morning down by the beach.

Wrightsville Beach in the morning

We quickly got back to the truck to warm up and get back on the road. Next on our list was a stop in Myrtle Beach! Nick had been there before on a family vacation, but it was my first time there! It was the cutest beach town with such a home-y feel to it. It was SUPER empty everywhere though because it was 1) a week day in the off season AND 2) bright and early when most of the stores and places just opened up for the day. We still loved it though! I got to feed the fish which totally made my day! πŸ˜‰

Myrtle Beach Outlet Mall

The big highlight of Myrtle Beach though was definitely our trip to the Ripley’s Aquarium. That was SUCH an amazing experience! I LOVED every minute of it and took so many pictures and videos the entire time! I wanted to capture every single part of it.

Ripley's Aquarium

Here are just a few pictures of the tunnels we walked through. They were gorgeous and completely filled with the most beautiful sea animals! I was in love!

Myrtle Beach Aquarium

The sharks were unreal to walk under were swimming overhead. I couldn’t believe how big they were!

Shark Aquarium

Fish Aquarium Exhibit

The jellyfish exhibit was quite a site to see! I can’t imagine running into one of those guys at the beach though…

Jelly Fish

We finished up at the aquarium pretty quickly because we knew we had plenty of driving ahead of us and so many places left to see for the day. So, we hopped on over to see the Boardwalk just around the corner from the outlet mall.

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Myrtle Boardwalk

We decided to go ahead and visit the pier too because they’re always my favorite things to check out when we’re at the beach! This one did NOT disappoint either! I loved the “Fish Stories Told Here” sign!

It was a tad bit windy when we tried to take a few pictures on the pier! We figured these would do just fine for the memories though!

Myrtle Beach Pier

We decided after leaving Myrtle Beach that we’ll have to add that to a vacation spot in the future, for sure! It was really cute and we can’t wait to see more of it another time.

Myrtle Beach Downtown

We hopped back into the car and headed to our next destination, Charleston, S.C.!

I made sure to Pinterest and Google the best places to visit in downtown Charleston and the most popular place seemed to be a park called “The Battery”. It was definitely a good find! It sat right on the water and had a path all the way around that led you directly into the historic downtown area. The sights were just too beautiful everywhere we turned. Oh, and sidenote: it’s totally true–those trees smell SO good in the Carolinas! It smelled so floral all throughout the downtown area.

Downtown Charleston

Nick was super smart and made sure we packed our bikes for this trip. We weren’t sure if we’d need them but he couldn’t have been more right. They were PERFECT to ride around downtown as we took in all of the historic sights and beautiful Charleston scenery.

The Battery in Charleston

I loved all of the gorgeous homes and couldn’t help but take a ton of pictures on our stroll around town. The doors covered in greenery and columns were my favorite!

Downtown Charleston Homes

Rainbow Row was also a popular spot during my trip research. It didn’t disappoint either. If you make your way to Charleston, be sure to stop there too!

Rainbow Row in Charleston

More beautiful historic sites.

Historic homes in Charleston

We had So much fun exploring! Tree hugger at heart…;)

The Battery Park in Charleston South Carolina

Oh and these trees that lined the park were STUNNING!

We stayed the night in a cute AirBnB right over the bridge from downtown. I have a tour of it in my vlog that you’ll have to check out! It was THE MOST PERFECT place to stay for the night. We lucked out with a new construction that had everything we could ever need. I definitely left a good review and hope that anyone that stays in Charleston for any amount of time will book there too!

There was still more traveling to do. So, we packed up our bags and headed further down the East Coast to see the beautiful beaches of Hilton Head Island. I’m SO glad we decided to stay 2 nights there because we had the most amazing stay there. It made for the perfect end of our road trip.

We stayed in the cutest area called “Coligny Plaza” for the weekend. It was a little tricky to navigate at first since neither of us had ever been to that area before, but once we got the hang of how everything worked there–we fell in love with yet another beach town.

Coligny Plaza in Hilton Head

One of my most favorite memories was getting to ride our bikes on the beach. Yes, we rode our ROAD bikes on the sand. I know it sounds crazy, but it couldn’t have been more perfect! We got to travel so much further and much faster than our typical beach walks. I LOVED every minute of it and so did Nick. Can you tell? πŸ˜‰

Hilton Head Island

The beaches were still recovering from the hurricanes there but you could barely tell. It was still so beautiful!

Hilton Head

After our rides on the beach and all of our traveling for the day, we spent our first night there in with a good game of HiltonHeadopoly! How cute, right?

Hilton Headopoly

The 2nd day there, we paid for a day pass to an area called Sea Pines right around the corner from Coligny Plaza. We found the cutest little town called Harbour Town that surrounded the most beautiful lighthouse. This town screamed charm in every little detail. I was in heaven.

Harbour Town

It was filled with boats around the harbour pier and the most adorable little shops and restaurants.

Sea Pines

We grabbed lunch at a place called “The Crazy Crab” and it was beyond delicious! We got there super early right when they opened and got a spot looking over the boats pulling into the harbour. That fish sandwich makes my mouth water just writing this post. πŸ˜‰

The Crazy Crab

We road our bikes around Sea Pines because they had these amazing trails all throughout the neighborhoods there. I fell completely in love with the gorgeous beach homes in that area. They were all unique and beautiful in their own way. I told Nick we should retire there. πŸ˜‰

We even saw this little guy swimming around one of the ponds…

But, this guy was a little more friendly in an area we rode to called “South Beach”. He and his little bird friend danced on their branches to music that was playing the entire time. It was pretty cute!

South Beach

And that brings us to that last leg of our East Coast trip. (Insert: Sigh…) The next morning we got everything back in the truck to head for one last spot to see. We made our way to Savannah, Georgia for breakfast before we hit the road home. We figured we might as well stop there and add it to our road trip list, and we were so glad we did.

Downtown Savannah Georgia

Downtown Savannah was so pretty and such a quaint little downtown. We didn’t get to see a ton of it, but we made sure to stop and grab coffee at a cute local bakery that popped up as a popular place on my Pinterest trip research too. It was called “Collins Quarter” right in the heart of downtown. Their asiago cheese bagel hit the spot!

Collins Quarter

We made our way through the area for just a tiny bit of exploring and made sure to get our blood flowing in our legs because we knew we had a long trip ahead the rest of the day.

Downtown Savannah

After our morning stop in beautiful Savannah, we were finally headed home to Little Rock!

About 11 hours later we made it home and were pretty excited to see our little fur babies. I think they missed us! πŸ˜‰

If you can’t tell, this trip was jam-packed with sight seeing and all kinds of fun from start to finish. We truly didn’t want it to ever end. We’re lucky though because Nick’s brother lives in Raleigh so we have plans to visit the East Coast SO many more times in the coming years. Our next trip there, we plan to head up North to see Philadelphia and New York. That’ll be sometime this year, but we need just a little bit of time to recover from spending 40 hours in the car for this road trip! πŸ™‚ Yes, 40 hours….but it sure didn’t feel like that with all of our awesome stops!

If you made it through this entire post and ALL of my vlogs/blogs, I couldn’t be more thankful you stopped by to hang out with me the past week or so for each part! I love getting to post about our travels to keep memories alive forever and ever and get to share every bit with you!

Be sure to stay tuned because we hopefully have plenty more travels in the next little while and you know I’ll make sure to bring you along with us the entire way! I hope you’ll subscribe to my YouTube channel too because I have SO many vlogs planned too! Vlogging has been so much fun and I’m just getting started with it!

I’m headed to unwind and relax for the rest of this Monday night and I hope you are too! Let’s catch up again tomorrow, shall we?

Questions for YOU:

Have you ever been to Charleston or Hilton Head Island before?

What was your favorite vacation in the past few years that you’ve been on?

What’s one place you have on your travel bucket list?