Eats Lately 🍓+ I've been thinking + Speed Intervals

Hi and happy Wednesday! We’ve officially made it half way through the week and I’m not complaining one bit about it. We FINALLY got a minor break in all the rain and had a super sunny afternoon. So much so, that we headed down by the pool to soak up as much Vitamin D as we could. I can think of worse views on a Wednesday. 😉 I’ve given up hope for seeing any snow in Arkansas this Winter.

I’ve been thinking lately about my blog and where I’d like to take it this year. Let me know what your thoughts are on this: I’ve really been diving into video so much more so I’ve got a ton of new “vlogs” planned to share like “Day in the life, morning/night routines, cleaning and organizing with me, and tons of videos planned for our home renovation projects! So, I thought with my actual blog, I could keep things more so on a daily basis where I could bring you guys along with me through the days and keep things more random, raw and much more consistent. Would you be interested in that type of plan? I LOVE following blogs and vlogs that share more day-to-day posts because I feel like I get to really know the people I’m following more so than curated content that’s less consistent and not so raw feel. Does that make any sense or am I the only one like this? Anyways, I want to get your feedback because I LOVE sharing my blog with you guys and love to hear what you want to see and what keeps you coming back! Let me know what you think in the comments below! (P.S. I’m working on my comments section, but for now it shows up on the desktop version best! So, here’s hoping soon I can get that worked out!)


Our breakfast this morning made my nutella-loving heart extra happy. 💕

Nutella toast topped with berries & whip = YUM. Thanks Meteor Cafe!

As far as my New Years intentions to lower my sugar intake…well that’s not going so well. But, my taste buds aren’t mad about it. I love that the corner of the packing on these bars says “Sharing optional.” I think this wording should be on every delicious sweet treat.

I just use the above snack bars as fuel for my speed interval workouts though. 😉 I’ve been sticking to the treadmill most days for my cardio workouts to make sure to keep tackling my speed sessions as best as I can. So far, so good! This run the other day was just the sweat session I needed to boost my confidence and get my legs moving which felt oh so good! I’m working on running by heart rate too. It’s a little harder than normal and I keep my eye on my watch a lot more than normal but I’m excited to start seeing how much of a difference it makes.

Here’s what I did:

Warm up 5 min walking pace at 3.50

1 mile at 9:11

2nd mile at 8:44

3rd mile at 8:07

4th mile at 7:49

So 3rd and 4th mile I focused on increasing the treadmill pace by 20ish seconds every .25 mile. It kept my mind busy and made time fly by so much faster! Speed intervals do that for me and make my treadmill workouts so much more doable without losing my mind!

I’ve also been increasing my weights on my strength days! I call that a major success for this former noodle-arm-strictly-only-runner girl! *Also, remind me next time to grab the lint roller for these black leggings of mine. I was just showing off my talent to collect ALL the dog hair and fuzz.

I like to do some of my free weight arm workouts on the exercise ball to help activate my core. It works some serious ab muscles and keeps me on my toes for sure. I’m surprised I haven’t found myself rolling right off that thing most days. 😆

Veggie sushi has made an appearance pretty frequently in our kitchen lately. I’ve been really missing my fav. Shrimp Tempura but these are a close 2nd.

Also, spaghetti Sunday has been going strong too! For some reason, we ALWAYS have spaghetti on Sundays…hence the name!

I’ve been really focusing on my water intake lately too! I’m the queen of carrying around a water bottle everywhere I go though. But, it’s been my goal to finish one of these a day! I’m part fish.

I saw these at Home Goods the other day and thought they had our dogs names written ALL over them. Are they not hilarious?

I got the MOST exciting sweets news this week and found out I’m an official Smarts Sweets Champion! (YAY!) Hello delicious gummies that are good for the ole sweet tooth but better for those low sugar New Years intentions. Seriously, tell me you’ve had these, right? They’re insanely good, taste just as good as the real thing AND only have 3 grams of sugar for the entire bag. Sign me up!

We watched A Star is Born last night and I fell in LOVE!! It was SOOOO good! I can’t recommend it enough! I wasn’t really sure what the big deal was when everyone kept talking about it. But, now I’m a total Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga fan. The music in this movie was too good! Don’t mind me, I’ll just be jamming out to the soundtrack for the rest of this month.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: I need to know–is this combo any good? Help a girl out. Should I add this to my list for my next grocery trip?

You know what is good? Avocado toast. Every. Single. Time.

Last random of the day: We picked out our granite for the new house! Isn’t it gorgeous?! I’m in love and can’t wait to get this beauty installed in just a few short weeks! Our excitement level for this house is pretty stinking high and we normally don’t get too emotional with our flip houses. It’s just going to be TOO cute and we can’t wait to get our hands on it! Come on March!! We’re ready for ya’!

Alright, we have big basketball viewing plans tonight (😆) because Duke is playing UNC and we’re pretty excited about it. P.S. don’t tell my mom because she’s a die-hard Kentucky fan and non-Duke fan! HA! Any other basketball fans out there? We watch at least 3 games a week and I’ve really been getting into a lot more these past few years!

Have an amazing rest of your Wednesday!! Go getcha some motivation and take down some of those mighty goals you have on your list, k friend? I’m right here cheering for ya!

Questions for YOU:

What sweet snack are you loving lately?

Have you seen “A Star is Born” yet? I’m probably super late to the game… Also, what was the last movie you’ve seen?

Sushi fan or no? If yes, what’s your favorite?