Weekly Snapshot #1 + Flip Life Vlog


Hey guys! Happy, happy Sunday to you! Who else had the sunniest of weekends? We’ve seriously lucked out with the most gorgeous weather this week/weekend and I just want to bottle it up and keep it like this forever.

We continued into the weekend with housework because we’re on a tight deadline to get this home ready for move-in in just a couple of weeks. So, as promised, I’ve got a quick Weekly Snapshot coming your way today! You can check out my vlog on this past week’s progress, here:

If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to subscribe to my channel so that you won’t miss an update along the way! I’m loving creating the videos and have an entire list of ideas that we plan to put together, so there’s plenty more to come to the channel really soon! It’s been on my goal list for years now to start creating video content alongside my blog so I couldn’t be happier to finally see it coming together! My degree is in Broadcast Journalism, so making videos has been a love of mine for as long as I can remember. It’s just so much fun thinking of ways to bring pictures to life in video form!

Anyways, back to this week’s snapshot!

We pretty much have been eating, sleeping and breathing this renovation since we closed Monday. (If you can’t tell.) So no running/gym sessions have gone down but we have hopes to get more of that into our schedule this week. I spent the majority of the week looking like this versus my normal running attire. Fashion blog in my future? ๐Ÿ˜‰ (kidding)


Nick spent a majority of his week like this too: Busy buried in projects already. He was super excited to get outside to try his new pressure washer. Boys and their tools…But, look at the difference in just a few planks that thing made?! Impressive, right?


Chipotle saved the day a few times this week! We’re going to try to prepare meals this week ahead of time so that we don’t end up heading out for quick options as much. I have a planned night of Pinteresting all of the slow cooker recipes a girl can pin tonight. Do you have a favorite? Share away in the comments below!


This guy was worn out from all of his work on the house too…The dogs FINALLY got to come by the house yesterday morning for a tour of the house. Joey was busy playing with his ball in the backyard, of course. Meanwhile, this guy was busy supervising our work from his box office.


Much deserved and much appreciated after a successful first week of work on the new project.


Oh and this too. Hot baths, heating pads & ice packs were a necessity for us all week long. Who knew painting could be such an intense workout to make your shoulder blades sore for days on end?


Alright, off to Pinteresting for dinner recipes and Yoga with Adriene for me tonight! Here’s to another productive week ahead!

Questions for you:ย 

Are you a dark chocolate lover or not so much?ย 

What’s the one quirky thing your pet does?

Mine LOVES to sit in things just like cardboard boxes. It’s amazing how many things he tries to squeeze himself into…HAHA!ย 

What’s one goal you have for yourself this next week?ย 

Have a great rest of your Sunday, friends!

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 1.56.22 PM

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