“Girl, Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis Book Review


Hi guys! Happy Wednesday!

Well…WE DID IT! We successfully made it through the middle of the work week! Shall we celebrate? Of course! 2 more days to the weekend—I think we’ve got it in the bag! 👊🏻

Today’s blog post is the very first book review of 2019! I know it’s already March (…nearly April) and I’ve been a little bit of a slow reader these past few months but better late than never, right? To be quite honest I wouldn’t have wanted to start off the year without starting with this very book. I’ll go ahead and shoot it to you straight—this one is a total gem! 100% worth the read. 2 thumbs up, 2 high fives—it really is THAT good.

Okay, okay. I’ll get to the good stuff. WHY do I love this book so much, you ask? Well, there are many reasons. Let’s jump right into the full-on review of Rachel Hollis’ latest book, “Girl, Stop Apologizing.”


Now, this isn’t her 2nd actual book that she’s authored but it’s her 2nd most known book from her previous one, “Girl, Wash Your Face.” You may have heard of it as it was quite a big deal in the personal development world. I read it and fell completely in love with Rachel Hollis.

She is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for all kinds of reasons but to me, she’s my favorite because she’s so insanely relatable and real with her words. I follow her on social media, listen to her podcast and of course pin all of her too good to pass up quotes. So, you better believe I pre-ordered this bad boy on Audible as soon as I could. I plugged in my headphones to dive into the first chapter a few weeks ago once it was released and finished it in record timing. You cannot, and I repeat CANNOT stop after the first chapter. Before you know it, you’re in 6 deep.


In summary, this book is all about the ways that women feel the need to apologize for their dreams, for their lifestyle, for their way of being, well—themselves for the sake of those around them and it’s about dang time for that to stop. Like, as in yesterday. She goes through the book sharing so many heart-string-pulling nuggets that make you want to write down and highlight each word and stick it on your bathroom mirror for morning motivational inspo. Seriously. If you do the audible version, you’ll want to pause every few minutes and whip out the notes section in your phone to save the goodness of her words!

In this book, she cheers you on but gives it to you straight going over why excuses are useless and how a lot of the time we’re standing in our OWN way in fear of judgment from others. This obviously isn’t ever the best way to tackle a goal, so she explains exactly HOW to stop those limiting beliefs and behaviors that we’re all so guilty of. It’s like she’s setting you up with your very own toolbox of what to do when these thoughts/feelings/actions turn up inside of your head to derail your goals.


My FAVORITE part of the audible version is that there’s a bonus section at the end with a snippet of her Rise conference. OH MY GOODNESS, it’s GOOD! I would LOVE to go to one of her conferences. It sounds like it would be life-changing in so many ways. She also shares her gratitude meditation and even walks you through it so you can try it on your own.

My biggest and most favorite takeaway from this book (and her bonus section on Audible) is a part where she says that when something starts to come up that’s going to make you angry/flustered/annoyed or derail you from your goal ahead—you instantly ask yourself “How would my best self handle this situation?” Ever since I’ve heard her mention that quick little mind tip, it’s been a total game changer for me! We’ve been dealing with all of this crazy house stuff the past few months and when something has come up to burst my bubble, I simply ask myself “How would MY best self handle this?” And in a matter of seconds, I’m able to think rationally versus get upset and say something I don’t mean or waste my energy on something that isn’t needed. It’s really the best mindset trick I’ve found and it works like a charm! Try it next time you feel a hint of something bubbling up and you’ll see just how magical it really is!


Okay, okay! So, overall—I’d give this book a 5-star rating! It is such a good book to keep on hand to re-read over and over when you need a good mindset refresh. It’s motivation, captivating and oh-so-relatable! Do yourself a favor and dive in head first with this one! I promise you’ll love it! Then, when you read it—come back here and tell me below in the comments what your favorite take away was! I can’t wait to hear all about it!! Do tell!!

Questions for you:

Did you read “Girl, Wash Your Face?” Rachel Hollis fan or no?

What’s your #1 podcast fav right now? Do tell so I can add it to my to-listen list! 🙂 

What was one thing you accomplished today that made you proud of yourself?

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One thought on ““Girl, Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis Book Review

  1. I loved reading this review!!! I am like, 2 chapters away from finishing Girl, Wash Your Face and I am dying to get my hands on this book! Rachel is just so inspiring and makes me want to be a better person!

    This is a weird choice, but my favorite podcast at the moment is Another Mother Runner. I’m not a mother, but it’s just still a good podcast to listen to and get some good running tips! The hosts are so funny and I get lost in their little ramblings while I’m out running.

    Lately I’ve been doing really well at following my to do lists. I just have a bad habit of pushing some tasks off for no good reason and then it’s a reoccurring task on my list each week. Today I finally cross one of those easy-to-do-but-for-some-reason-I-pushed-off items and I feel SO GOOD! It’s the little things 🙂


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