Weekly Snapshot |#3 + Flip Life Vlog


Hey friends! Happiest of Sunday nights to you! I hope you’ve had a restful weekend wherever you are. It got super cold here so our spring-like feel went out the window the past couple of days. But, that’s okay for us because we had plenty of inside work to get done in the past couple of days.

In today’s blog, I’ve got another round up of our week and all of the crazy flip house adventures we’ve been on in the past 7 days. Per the usual, you can catch the video version of the update in my weekly vlog, here:

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This week was downright challenging in our world. As you know from my previous posts, we’re trying our hardest to get this house somewhat move-in ready for us as we’re headed out of our apartment this next week. So, with that in mind, we had everything lined up to get going with a few of our contracted projects this week. Turns out, none (not a single one) went as planned. Here’s the rundown:

Countertops scheduled for Wednesday: Cancelled because the company we’re using said their cutter was down and they were waiting on a technician.


Roof scheduled for Thursday: Cancelled because of rain so we got pushed back to this next Thursday (which is also forecasted for rain…)


Measurement for carpet upstairs: Cancelled because the technician had a family emergency.


Each of these has been bumped to this coming week, so we’re crossing our fingers they actually happen this time around. We’ll see…

So, we rolled with it and just kept going with our other projects. You know, because there’s ALWAYS something that needs to be done in the house flipping world.


We re-painted the great room with a darker color to balance out the room a little better. This is one shade darker than the Sherwin Williams color we used throughout the rest of the house and it’s called “Unusual Gray.” I LOVE how it turned out.


We got the cabinets taken off to get them ready for cleaning, re-painting, and new hardware. They’re going to make SUCH a good transformation.


It was like a cabinet cemetery in our dining room.


We also picked out the color of the carpet for the upstairs flooring. This is such a pretty neutral color and we’ve used it before in Nick’s parents house and it turned out so nice! I can’t wait to see it installed so we can finally have clean and nice flooring upstairs. It’s from Home Depot and it’s Traffic Master “Seashell” color.


Lastly, we picked up the underlayment from Lowe’s to get the downstairs flooring ready for new hardwoods! If you can’t tell, this house is in dire need for flooring updates throughout the entire house. We’re getting closer by the minute to the day it’ll all be updated and I am SO excited for the reveal.

Alright, and that’s everything that went down for week #3 on the culdesaccutie! I am crossing my fingers things go more our way this week as it’s a big one in our world.

I hope you have the best week ahead, friend!! Here’s hoping it’s super productive, non-stressful and filled with all the sunshine! ๐Ÿ™‚

Questions for you today:

What’s one goal you plan on tackling this week?ย 

What’s your favorite crock-pot meal? I need recommendations!ย 

Do you prefer carpet or hardwoods in your house? Which one and why? I’d love to hear your thoughts!ย 

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 1.56.22 PM

2 thoughts on “Weekly Snapshot |#3 + Flip Life Vlog

  1. That’s the worst when nothing goes as planned! Good thing you were able to just roll with it!

    This week a goal I am trying to tackle is to do a deep clean of my house! I have a friend visiting this weekend which is the perfect excuse to clean everything and air out the house after being closed up all winter.

    My go-to crock pot meal is literally just chicken breast with salsa, corn, and black beans. It cooks all day and then when you come home the chicken pretty much just shreds up in the pot. We add some cheese and sour cream and then eat it plain, on tortillas, on salad, and so much more!

    I personally prefer carpets (except in bathrooms and the kitchen). I feel like it adds a more cozy feel and is quick to clean with a vacuum. Spills can turn into a pain but oh well haha. I do like the look of hardwood, though!

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    1. YAY for deep cleaning!! Friends or family coming over is always a good motivator for that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      That crockpot meal sounds AMAZINGLY good!! Isn’t the smell of a crockpot meal the best ever to walk into?

      I totally understand you on the carpet feel and liking cozy feels! We love to add large rugs throughout where we have hardwoods, so we have the best of both worlds which is always nice! We definitely have to have carpet in the bedrooms though for sure!

      Have a great rest of your day, Emily!!


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