Snack Favorites lately+ New Gym +Home & Planet love

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Happiest of “Good” Fri-YAYs to you! I hope your week has been fabulous! If it’s storming on you today on the east coast, I’m sending you all the good luck because the storms that just rolled through Arkansas yesterday were a total mess! We’re known for some pretty crazy storms and yesterday’s gloom and doom came out of nowhere!

I’m writing this to you from our fully functioning living room, as in– I’m sitting on a couch with a rug with our banana bread candle burning and feeling like we don’t live in as much of a construction zone right now. I know it doesn’t sound like much but this is a huge positive in our world because these days it really is the small things that feel like home! πŸ˜‰ Just don’t look in the other sitting room because…well…it’s still a major construction zone but we’ll pretend that’s not there for the moment.

These days we’ve been trying to squeeze in healthier meals and snacks when we can because when you’re in mid-move chaos and don’t have much of a kitchen, convenience is all the rage. πŸ˜‰ BUT, I’ve got a post filled with all of our snack favorites lately so let’s just get right to it! Oh, and a few other randoms to go with it too!Β 

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We’ve been stocking up on all of the things that don’t need refrigeration as we’re still waiting on our refrigerator to come in. So, peanut butter/almond butter and jelly sandwiches have been frequent in our kitchen. So has my favorite low sugar Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal that I heat the water with our coffee pot to mix in! We’re getting resourceful, I tell ya’! πŸ˜‰ Plus, berries on berries have been the best spring treat lately!

P.S. that Silver Hills Sprouted Power bread is delicious and only has 1 gram of sugar in it AND it’s only $2.99 at our local Natural Grocers store! If you haven’t ever tried it before, you definitely should add it to your list!

Pomegranate seeds taste like candy to me and these bowls were on sale last week so I snagged a few!

IMG_8169 2

We saw the largest sweet potatoes at the grocery store the other day! Seriously, they’re HUGE! Imagine the number of sweet potato fries you could make with just one of these babies…

IMG_8167 2

More Newk’s Simply Salads to save the day when I’m needing greens! I added grilled chicken to one last week and it was a serious win! yum!

IMG_8139 2

2 new things I tried this past week: Strawberry Cheesecake flavored Halo Top ice cream was AMAZINGLY good! I was afraid to branch out and try this flavor, but I’m obsessed with all things cheesecake and strawberries so I figured this couldn’t be just flat out gross. AND…it was anything but that! It was fabulous! So glad I tried it!

IMG_8125 2

We also tried these Paleo cookies from Natural Grocers! They were soooo delicious and didn’t even taste like they were filled with strictly Paleo ingredients! We’re not on that diet per se but they usually have simple ingredients so we try to mix it up and try these types of things when we can!

A31912B5-4216-46C5-B7A0-9F262AFA7DD2I was PUMPED to find this Home & Planet dish soap the other day at Wal-Mart! I’ve tried their body wash, shampoo/conditioner and their deodorant and love them ALL!! I snagged the citrus flavor and actually couldn’t wait to get home to do a load of dishes. LOL! Did I mention it doesn’t take much to excite me? πŸ˜‰ I’m a huge fan of Home & Planet so this totally made my day! Adulting at it’s finest.Β IMG_8131

New favorite Crime podcast! SOOOO good!

IMG_8137 2

Blueberry muffin breakfast dates are the way to my heart. ❀

IMG_8172 2

When they’re not in muffins, they’re even better! Blueberries + blackberries are my jam!

Literally & figuratively! πŸ˜‰


I got in another 4 mile run down by the river last week too! It was everything I needed and more. Followed it up with an ice cold Kevita!

IMG_7908 2

We also got in a walk before the storms hit this week. I could totally live with 70 degree days all summer if it were possible in the south. Too bad these cooler days won’t last much longer and we’ll be seeing triple digits in no time. Gotta soak it up while you can!

IMG_8161 2

Last but not least on the random train today, I’m SO excited to share that I’m partnering with Planet Fitness! I got signed up today and can’t wait to get my sweat on at their facility right up the road from us! More to come on this new adventure, for sure! Did I mention they have massage chairs that I’m dying to jump into? Eeeek!!! πŸ™‚

IMG_8222 2

Questions for you today:

What’s your favorite salad dressing? Do you ever make your own? If you do, share your favorite recipe below!Β 

What gym do you work out in? Why do you love it?Β 

Did you sweat yet today?Β 

Happy Easter weekend, friends!! Enjoy every last drop!Β 

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