Weekly Snapshot #7 + Flip Life Vlog// NEW Windows + Backsplash


Hey guys! Happy Sunday!


I hope you’ve had the best week/weekend! This past week flew by and guess what? We didn’t have ANY chaos break out! That calls for a celebration! 😉 It really was a much needed week for us to be able to calm things down and somewhat get more into our new normal without having to worry about any water emergencies!

I’ve got a brand new weekly vlog update for you today too over on my channel! You can catch it, here:

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This week was a HUGE update week for us as we finally got our new windows installed! This house was in critical dire need for ALL new windows. We’ve never had to put in all new windows in any of our flip houses before now but goodness, it makes ALL the difference! It feels like a brand new construction!


These are all energy efficient windows from “Window World of Little Rock” and they did an amazing job! This is going to be a huge bonus for our future buyers because it’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but it should save a ton of their energy bills down the road. I couldn’t believe the way it completely updated every room. We even stepped things up a notch and had them add a type of argon gas to each window which helps them to be even more energy efficient so these windows are top of the line! We’re in love with how they turned out!


The back of the house got a major facelift too with the updated great room window! These have a hint of a tint to each window because of the argon gas and they’re very reflective so a selfie was kind of required! 😉


We also stepped up our landscape game this week and added the cutest solar lights to the beds in the front yard. I’m obsessed with them and feel like it makes a world of difference when you take time to consider the smallest of touches to make these houses feel more like home. They even match our front door exterior lights so that makes them even cuter, in my opinion! 😉


Meanwhile, this guy found his new favorite hiding spot in the kitchen. That spot won’t be around for long buddy, so have your fun while it lasts! 😉


I got to work on starting the laundry room update with a fresh coat of paint. We still have shelving and trim work to do in there, but I was so excited to just get those dirty walls cleaned up and refreshed with new paint.


Then, Nick got to work on the quarter rounds in each room downstairs. It makes the rooms feel so much more complete once these are in.


We also got the backsplash tiles grouted this week too!


We’re so happy with the finished product! We changed it up this time and used a whole different type of tile and this one makes the entire kitchen look so clean and classic.


Overall, it was a really great week and we got a ton of things done from big projects to small. The windows were our biggest expense but totally worth it! So, onto the next project, we go!

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend! Fingers crossed it’s sunny and warm where you are!

Questions for you today: 

Do you have twinkly lights in your backyard? We’re grabbing some today at Target and I can’t wait! I’m such a sucker for those things!

Do you have a stackable washer and dryer at your house? We just have the standard, but they do the job! One day I’d love to get the stackables though!

Anyone watch the London Marathon this morning? 

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 1.56.22 PM

2 thoughts on “Weekly Snapshot #7 + Flip Life Vlog// NEW Windows + Backsplash

  1. It looks like everything is coming along nicely! I love that backsplash!

    I don’t have twinkly lights in my backyard but I think they look so sweet! We don’t have the stackable washer and dryer but they’d be nice to have! I can only imagine they’re a great space saver and also would keep me from piling junk on the washer/dryer all the time haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Emily!! Thank you so much! I’m obsessed with the backsplash and just love how it turned out! 🙂

      Girl, I’m right there with you on the piling things on top of the washer/dryer! Why is that spot just so convenient for everything?! LOL!

      Have a great weekend!!


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