Hey guys! Happiest of Mondays! How was your weekend? Ours wasn’t super eventful but nonetheless, we accomplished plenty on our to-do list.

I’ve got a new Weekly Snapshot vlog update for you, right here:

This week was all about the detail work on our flip house project. My favorite part has GOT to be the oven install, though. We can FINALLY BAKE AGAIN! I feel like we’ve been stripped of our freedom by not having an oven, but that all changed this week. Thank goodness! You never know how much you miss your appliances until you go without them for a little while. We actually saved this brand new oven from a previous project because we changed out the oven last minute for a better fit, and this beauty has been in storage waiting for a new home! So, we were super excited to plug it in and get it ready to go in this cute kitchen.


The dogs weren’t all that excited though…


We also got our siding refinished and cleaned up outside which made ALL the difference.


And, we got the moulding pieces updated all throughout the kitchen. One of my biggest tips for updating your home is to update your moulding pieces! It changes the rooms entirely and makes them look so much better! Next on the to-do list is to get this brown painted and gone in the kitchen! It’s going to be 10x better here soon!


We also got started on the beginning of the staging process and got our TV mounted above the fireplace. I love the way it looks but it seriously makes me so nervous when we let go of it for the first time. It’s in there good though. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Alright you guys, that’s all for now in the #culdesaccutie! Thank you SO much for stopping by the blog today! I’ll be back this week with a few randoms posts and hopefully some surprises to share too! Stay tuned!

Questions for you:

What’s your favorite room in your house?ย 

Are you a Pandora or Spotify lover?

Tell me one awesome thing about your weekend!ย 

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 1.56.22 PM

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