The Deck of MANY colors 😱 + Flip Life Vlog

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What a week! Isn’t it strange how short weeks can make your world turn upside down? This week has flown by me, which explains why this vlog and blog is a teensy bit behind from my normal posting day of Sunday!

New vlog update here:

The crazy has literally kicked in for this house. Why do you ask? Well, it’s typical this far into a project once you feel like the painting is literally NEVER going to end and the projects just keep on growing. Ohhhh, the many joys of flipping houses! I tell ya’.

We got busy this week finally getting rid of all of the textured walls in the kitchen, and it was much needed!


Nick “floated” plaster along every nook and cranny in the kitchen and was able to completely smooth out every single texturized spot. It was a mess, but so beyond worth the end result. I think I may have sanding dust in my ears at this point. It’s a complete mess to clean up, but we really had no other option to get these walls looking better. See ya never textured brown!!

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The REAL crazy kicked in when we started working on the deck out back. We still have more wood pieces to replace, but we wanted to go ahead and get the stain started. Little did we know it would NOT be as easy as we’d hoped.


You’d think it was our first time based on how many tries it’s taken us to land a color on this thing. But, we’ve done many-a decks in our flipping house history and STILL have trouble picking out stain colors. It’s hard because they turn out SO different than what you want them to. So, it’s a work in progress and hopefully will be done one of these days.


We made 4 trips in one day to Home Depot if that tells you anything about our crazy week of staining decisions…Yes, I said 4.

IMG_0212 2

Okay, guys, I’m off to work on–you guessed it–more painting! We’re working away like little worker bees but I’ll have a full on update this week of where we are with this house. So, be sure to stay tuned! And, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel because I update that multiple times each week with all kinds of videos!

Thank you SO much for stopping by the blog today! Have the best rest of your day!

Questions for you:Β 

Do you have a deck or patio? What color theme do you have going on with yours?

What did you do for Memorial Weekend?Β 

Is it flooding where you are? Arkansas is swimming…

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