Life Update + It’s been a while

F975B79A-D77C-43E5-A41E-6AEC1CA03D64Hi! I’m back from an unplanned blogging/vlogging hiatus for the past few weeks so I’ve got plenty to fill you in on! I hope all is well in your world as we’re just moving along and going with the flow in ours. We actually just got back from spending a week at the beach over the July 4th holiday and it was pretty amazing. I’ve got a super fun vlog in the works that’ll be up on my channel (fingers crossed) this week for you, so stay tuned for that! IMG_1203Running update: I’ve been logging miles + pounding the pavement and it’s been fabulous in every way! Well, minus the 110-113 degree heat index that’s been hanging over our state the past few weeks but never fear, when it’s just too hot to head outside I’ve been hitting up Planet Fitness for all the good gym workouts! IMG_1139Otherwise, when I can’t make it to the gym OR outside I’ve been loving my at-home workouts still too! I mix it up a bit between yoga, HIIT and arm/leg day so everything gets a good workout. It’s amazing what a good sweat session can do for your mind even from home! IMG_0856Speedwork + hills is probably my favorite workout day though. It’s a serious butt kicker but in the best of ways! Anyone else keep an eye on their heart rate during their runs? Mine has been getting pretty high with the outdoor runs and the heat, but it goes down pretty quickly once I rest for a bit and grab some water. IMG_1441In other life update news, Panera has my heart with their Superfruit Smoothie for breakfast. I don’t know when this addiction will stop, but I don’t hate it for now. IMG_1726Greek yogurt parfaits are also the way to my heart when it comes to breakfast food. Anyone else love these things? So quick, easy and filling! IMG_1729Also, this combo is pretty much the best sandwich combo out there and has been a frequent in our kitchen lately. Turkey, Avocado, Bacon= deliciousness. Try it! IMG_1736One of the main reasons I’ve been so MIA lately is because I’ve been super busy with work lately! Freelancing, social media management and real estate have really been going so great and I’m loving every minute of it! I couldn’t love my job(s) anymore right now and I’m just so thankful I’ve crossed paths with all of the people I’m working with. It sure is crazy how things work out the way that they do when you take leaps of faith to follow your heart in the direction that makes you feel most happy.

(PS, quite rooms at the library are THE best to get super focused on work for hours at a time.) IMG_1456This cute fella (Joey) has been CONE FREE for over 3 weeks now!! Can you believe it? We think he feels so good without it and seems a lot more at ease without it now. For the longest time, his skin allergies were SO bad that he couldn’t really take it off except for small amounts of time outside without itching his skin to the point of bleeding. It was awful. But, we just decided a few weeks back to try and see how he was doing without and he’s been completely fine ever since! We’re so glad he’s doing better and I’m sure he is too. IMG_1294With all the other things swirling around lately, we’ve got our hands pretty full with the rest of this renovation. I’ve been slacking so bad on the vlog but I’ve got one in the works too for this week to give you guys an update on where we are with everything. In the meantime, this is what we’re looking at for the next few days. Looks like a real blast, right? Not so much…More on that to come soon. IMG_1733

Alright, that’s enough for now and I hope to be back here this week with plenty more to come your way! Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Enjoy the rest of your Thursday (aka Fri-YAY eve!)!! I hope it’s the best in every way!

Questions for you today: 

What’s your favorite sandwich combo? 

Do you pets have allergies? What do you do for the remedy? 

Are you a smoothie fan or no? If yes, what’s your favorite one? 

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 1.56.22 PM


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