Road trip to Raleigh, NC Summer 2019 Vlog


Hey guys! Summer 2019 has been one for the books! We were lucky enough to squeeze in two trips in the past two months. Looking forward to both completely made the summer fly by even faster than normal. I hope you’re doing fabulous and have been able to soak in all of the summertime fun!

If you’d like to check out my vacay travel vlog, you can find it right here:

We took a trip back down to Raleigh, NC to visit Nick’s brother at the beginning of August! They moved down last year and we made a trip last October to visit too! We made an entire trip out of it by going down the east coast and it was one of my favorite vacations we’ve ever taken. This time around we were super casual and just strolled around town for a few days. There was plenty of delicious food, beautiful views, and we even made a trip to Duke University to see the Sarah P. Duke Gardens! We drove the first 10 hours down to Asheville and stayed for the night in the cutest hotel called the Residence at Biltmore. Then, we took a trip to explore Biltmore Village for a few hours before heading to Raleigh.

Here are some photos from the trip!

Asheville is such a neat town. It’s filled with all kinds of local art on every corner and the most delicious eateries.


Untitled design (2)

We stopped in for breakfast at the Corner Kitchen and it was DELICIOUS. I highly recommend it if you ever stop through Biltmore Village! I couldn’t believe the house it’s in was built 108+ years ago!




Then, it was time to head down to Raleigh! It was about 4 hours away from Asheville, so not too far and much easier than the 10 hours from the day before. We got extra lucky with abnormally cool temperatures the few days we were there. It was cloudy most of the time which was very welcomed due to the crazy humidity we have both in Arkansas and NC! This is the view from his brother’s apartment–>right in the heart of downtown Raleigh. What a view, right?


Cold rose’ on a warm-ish day is such a treat!


So are delicious strawberry coconut smoothies! This was from a cute place called “Raleigh Raw” right around the corner from their apartment.


There was definitely no lack of sweets on this trip. This chocolate was devoured in a matter of minutes.


Big Ed’s was a hit and literally made the BIGGEST pancakes I’ve ever seen in my life. Nick tried to order two because he didn’t know they were so large, but the waitress told him he should only order one. Good thing we listened to her. They were the size of both of our heads put together!



Duke University was such a beautiful campus! I had no idea it was known for its gardens too! Apparently, the students keep up with it and they do an amazing job because this place was like the Garden of Eden. So so pretty!! I could’ve stayed there for hours.

Untitled design (1)





It was such a fun and relaxing trip! I already can’t wait to go back again soon! If you’ve never been down the East Coast you have to add it to your bucket list! But, you’ll have to make it through the Smokey Mountains too because that’s one of my favorite parts. The views are seriously breathtaking all throughout the mountains! Although the entire trip takes us about 14 hours to get there, it’s worth it and we love getting to visit with Nick’s brother and Mahmoud! Until next time…

Questions for you:Β 

Have you been to Raleigh, NC before? How about Asheville?Β 

What was the highlight of your summer?Β 

Do you garden/grow any of your own foods? I can’t wait to start once we get moved into our next home that we’ll get to stay in for a while.Β 

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 1.56.22 PM

One thought on “Road trip to Raleigh, NC Summer 2019 Vlog

  1. Thanks for sharing about your trip. I wish that bloggers would stick to blogging in the written word because when I am reading blogs its generally when I am in a place where I can’t watch a video and I enjoy reading about the details instead of watching them! 😦
    Hope you will keep blogging instead of vlogging! πŸ™‚


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