Weekly Workout Recap #1 + Review

Untitled design (3)I’ve been all kinds of proud of us lately because so far in 2020, workouts have been our jam. Let me preface that statement with this: That’s not to say that working out is something I feel like doing every single day, because hear me when I say, I too, have those super un-motivated days ALL THE TIME. But, we have made it a pretty consistent habit and have been getting our sweat on at least 5 days a week since the end of December and all of 2020. {Insert: Self high five}


Working out in some form or fashion has been a huge piece of my life on a consistent basis since my freshman year of college. I’ve mentioned it here before that in high school, I was a competitive cheerleader and we conditioned like crazy people, (think: Netflix Cheer style but for high school girls…it was insanity) so it wasn’t my idea of fun back then. Ask me to run around the block and my legs nearly fell off just at the thought of it. I was even diagnosed with sports induced asthma as a teenager. Yep. That same me that has completed 26.2 miles couldn’t breathe and still have trouble breathing to this day. It just doesn’t stop me near like it used to. Thank goodness.

You’d never guess it now because my legs haven’t stopped for plenty of years now. Miles are what makes me happy, sane and my most creative self. I do have to admit though, I do always go through phases every so often where running doesn’t sound like my favorite thing to do, at all, so I’ll switch it up with either more walking, cycling or yoga. I really do try my best to listen to my body and figure out what sounds good and then I go from there. I also tend to go through slower workout phases when we’re in between moves or deep into a renovation project, because #life. πŸ˜‰ Craving a sweat though is non-stop for me. Something about the endorphin rush and sweating it all out is just something my body needs on a regular basis.

That brings me to, today! I’ve been a busy busy bee in the gym lately and it’s been the best in so many ways. It’s about time for an update!

Untitled design

I’ve been logging almost 100% treadmill miles the past few months, and I’m most likely an unpopular opinion–but I don’t hate it. Unfortunately, I live in a super crime-filled city (It’s not ALL bad, but it’s got it’s seriously dangerous parts) here in the capital city of Little Rock, so being able to run at the gym without having to constantly worry about my safety is a breath of fresh air. I love listening to my favorite Spotify playlists, podcasts and catching up on my favorite YouTuber updates–so treadmill workouts have been my jam. It also allows me to not “think” about my pace which helps a ton when I’m building back up my mileage after a bit of a break this past fall with our big move.

In between treadmill runs, I’ve been loving mixing things in like the spin bike, elliptical, and stair climber. Each machine gives me it’s own type of sweaty workout so I’m all for them when I need a good change. I like to think of it as a “cardio party.” ha! (You can call me crazy for that statement and I won’t judge you at all…;))

Last week, I logged 3 solid runs and it felt A-M-A-Z-I-N-G sticking to my plan for the week. Obviously, my mileage isn’t long but it’s a great start for me to get back to running regularly and building back up to longer runs. I started writing down my workout goals on Sunday and actually followed through with it the entire week. {Insert: YAY! ;)} I say that because I’m totally that girl who will write things down, lose that list and wing it right when I hit the gym door. So, I was super proud and happy with how these workouts went. I’m hoping a good local 5k is in my near future!

Untitled design (1)

The signs of a solid workout session. πŸ˜‰ Sweat for days and tomato face cheeks.

Untitled design (2)

I’ve also been getting serious about my water goals during my workouts too! I bring in a water bottle and fill it to the top right when I get started. I try to drink as much as I can by the end of the workout! Sometimes, I even drink the whole thing–but it doesn’t happen every time. This bottle is 32 ounces.


I also try my very best to get over to the foam roller and mats to get a good cool down in after each workout. I had a week or so where I was having a weird pain in my ankle so foam rolling has been a huge priority for me lately, followed up with a few static stretches too. {Also, I spy dog hair that comes with me everywhere I go…#dogmomlife}


I’m still obsessing over the relaxation station at Planet Fitness too! I can’t wait to get over there later this week for a massage post-workout!


Here’s hoping I can get in more outdoor runs soon in my favorite place when Spring officially lands in Arkansas. I can’t wait! Anyone else on board for warmer temps and sunnier days? Gloom city has been our constant weather forecast so this girl needs some seriously heavy doses of Vitamin D pronto!


Stay tuned for more running updates coming your way! For now, I’m off for a rest day yoga session and these hamstrings are ready for it.

Talk soon!

Questions for you: What’s been your favorite way to workout lately?Β 

Do you take workout classes?Β 

Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall? What’s your fav?Β 

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