2020 Olympic Trials Weekend is HERE! + LR Marathon + Random Tangents

Little Rock Marathon Weekend 2020 Olympic Trials WeekendHappy Friday! We’ve officially made it to Olympic Trials weekend and to say I’m excited would be a complete and total understatement. I have put all things off my calendar from 10:00AM to after lunch because I’ll be glued to the TV screen the entire time. The field is stacked for the women this time around and I honestly can’t pick a top 3! I mean, Des is OBVIOUSLY my #1 pick and I am crossing all of my fingers and toes she makes the team for her 3rd round. She’s literally the best and seems to have the most experience so surely she’s a shoe in. I hope she has a killer day! Otherwise, I really would love to see Steph Bruce get in there and Sara Hall too! They’re both AMAZING for so many reasons and I love watching them race their hearts out. Talk about dedication. I can’t wait to see Jordan Hassay run too! I have a feeling her future is so stacked with success as long as she can stay injury free! There really are just too many to pick a favorite so I just want them all to make it and have the best PR days of all time! Less than 24 hours you guys!! Can you sense my excitement? Who are you rooting for?

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>>This article talks about Des and her lead up to race day! Eeek! & Here’s another really interesting read on the Women’s Field going out tomorrow! Emily Sisson and Molly Huddle would be amazing on the team too! Gosh, who will make it?!! I can’t wait to find out! Β 

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 1.50.22 PMIt’s also Little Rock Marathon weekend! Talk about a run-filled weekend, right?! I am most excited about this year’s race, not because I’m running it because I didn’t get in near enough training obviously, but the course is right outside our front door this year! I absolutely can’t wait to park myself on our sidewalk and cheer the runners on all morning long! I am even more excited to see all of the super speedy elites run by! It’s going to be so much fun! I can’t wait for Sunday morning! If you’re running this weekend, I’m sending you all the good luck vibes and hoping the weather is absolutely perfect for you!! Little Rock MarathonIn other news, let’s talk about random tangents! I’ve been on a big flower kick lately around our house which is really making me crave spring even more than usual! It’s especially awesome when you find a deal on a bright bouquet of the cutest yellow and white daisies! Can you believe these cuties were just $1.69? I instantly snagged them up! Beautiful DaisiesThe warm weather and finally sunshine has made its way to Little Rock, at least for now. Thank goodness! While I’m not ready for the summer heat, spring can make its full-time appearance anytime now! It really is the best for running in my opinion! Knoop Park Hillcrest Little Rock ArkansasI ordered myself a new water bottle for my treadmill runs because I desperately needed one with a straw. I kept spilling my wide-mouth water bottle all over myself at the gym so this Amazon one has officially saved the day! So far, I’m loving it! Runner's Water BottleI can’t stop buying these at the grocery store. They’re buy 2 get 1 free so obviously, I have to get 3 every time I go in there…I just want to know why these taste better than the normal ones…

πŸ˜† I mean, Reese’s are always good but these are really good! Reese's Peanut Butter EggsIt’s also time for my yearly obsession with cuties. These are a frequent flyer in our kitchen and I’m loving every minute of it. They seriously taste like candy! Cutie OrangesMediterranean pasta salad still has my heart. I think I could live off this stuff. (Minus the olives.) Mediterranean Pasta Salad Fresh MarketOh, I tried these recently and really love them so I wanted to make sure I shared them with you! Now, while I’ve never tried the original Liquid I.V. hydration packs, these are the only thing I’ve tried from this company but I’m in love with these little energy sticks! They’re very green when you add them to your water, so don’t let it weird you out but they’re great for that extra energy boost and don’t leave you crashed afterward like coffee typically does for me. I can’t wait to order more because I just tried the sample pack with 3 and fell in love. Liquid I.V. Energy MultiplierAlright, I’ll leave you with the sweetest Joey picture (one of our two senior pups) from our snuggle session last night. These two guys sure have my heart and get better and better with age. Is there anything better than when they want to hold your hand? I can’t think of anything…


IMG_1003I have a date with this new book of mine tonight and can’t wait to get further into it! So far, it’s REALLY good! I’ll keep you posted how it ends up! Stay tuned for a review of my latest read “Little Fires Everywhere” coming to the blog next week! Maybe You Should Talk To Someone By Lori GottliebHappy weekend friends! I hope you get a really good run in or get outside in the beautiful sunshine wherever you’re reading from! Talk soon!

Questions for you: I would love blog topic recommendations! Anything you’d like me to post about? Feel free to let me know in the comments below or message me on social!Β 

Will you be watching the trials this weekend? Who are your picks?Β 

Any Friday night plans?Β 

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2 thoughts on “2020 Olympic Trials Weekend is HERE! + LR Marathon + Random Tangents

  1. You should do a life currently post giving us an update on life … current job, how the house flipping is going, grocery shopping favorites, workouts, planned trips, past trips, etc.

    I didn’t watch the Olympic Trials Marathon but that’s because I was in bed not feeling well and just couldn’t keep my eyes open! Now of course I’m feeling better and I’m wide awake! lol

    I rarely do anything on Friday nights because I get up early on Saturday’s to get in a long ride on the bike!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally need to do an update on life for sure!! Thank you for the recommendation!!

      I’m glad you started feeling better! Everyone is catching the flu bug and virus bug so I’ve been downing as much Vitamin C and everything to try to stay as healthy as possible. Being sick is the worst! 😦

      I hope your Saturday bike ride was amazing, girl!!! Have an amazing week!!


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