The Weekly RUNdown: Week #2 RunArkansas Challenge + Sweat Fest

Little Rock Arkansas BloggerHappy Monday! WOW! The weekend flew by so fast! Anyone else feel like the days of this “quarantine” are flying by so much faster than normal? It’s the strangest thing…I look at the clock and it’s already 4:00 PM! Whew!

Anyways, I hope you had an amazing weekend wherever you’re reading from. It was a really sunny and warm weekend here in Arkansas and well spent in our neck of the woods. We got in some “socially distanced” visiting with both of our families which was really great and much needed. I even got the motivation to do a deep clean of the house too so it was a really productive weekend.

For today’s post, I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Rundown! Feel free to join along and link up with us as we each recap our week of workouts around the health and wellness blogosphere. 😉

This was Week #2 of the Strava Run Arkansas Virtual Challenge and this week’s “Intermediate” workout of the week was a 4 miler which I marked off the list not once but twice! YAY!

Here’s what my week of workouts looked like last week:


Nick and I started off the week strong with a speedy 3 miler. I say “speedy” because 8:21 average pace isn’t my norm, but I’m super excited to see these paces start happening more often. Now if only I can get back to more strength training once the gyms open back up I’ll be interested to see what a difference that makes in my paces too…

That afternoon we headed out for an afternoon walk too because the weather was too nice to stay inside. Are you having good weather right now or is it still cool outside? We’ve been so lucky with warm spring weather for the past few weeks which has really helped keep us motivated as well as sane during the quarantine. Hillcrest ArkansasIMG_2934


Just a quick walk by the river trail. The gnats (that’s a weird word to spell…) have been so aggressive lately and it makes me worried that with the summer season coming soon the mosquitos and other insect creatures will really be extra crazy…Fingers crossed they keep their cool and stay away for a while. 😉 Ya know…at least 6 feet away at all times, right? Rules are rules. Ha!

Wednesday: Rest Day! Zzz…


Another day spent outside in the sunshine. I got a solo mile in for a quick mile and then finished up with a walk.

Then we got in a long night walk to wrap up the night. The twinkly lights in our neighborhood are my favorite. IMG_3223IMG_3385


I got in my first solo 4 miler. I wanted to see how my paces would go without Nick and I was pretty excited to see it wasn’t too far off what we’ve been doing together. It was pretty humid out so I counted this workout as my first outdoor sweat-fest of the season. Hello humidity–I didn’t miss you.


We spent a few hours at the park with my family to celebrate my nieces birthday (a few months late…) so we just got in a small walk in the afternoon.



2nd 4 miler of the week but I had company for this one! This run felt even better than the one from Friday. I tried out the One Peloton Outdoor Run class and it was so good!! We jammed out to 2000’s music for 30 minutes. I can’t wait to try out another class this week! Slowly but surely I feel like my base is getting built back up. We’ll be increasing our distance this week so it’ll be my longest distance run of the year so far. We shall see how it goes…

And that’s all she wrote for week #2! It was another pretty active week. This challenge has been so helpful when it comes to motivation to get out the door. We should hear back on if/when our gyms open back up at the end of this week. I totally failed at my goal of getting in more strength and yoga this week so moving that onto this week to see if I can knock some of those workouts out. I did foam roll and stretch after most of my workouts which I consider a win. So, I’ll take it!

Off to kick off this Monday with some work and some sort of a run! I hope your week is fabulous!

**Don’t forget– if you’re on Strava, I would love to connect! I’m loving it so far! It’s the best running app I’ve ever used.

Questions for YOU: 

What was the highlight of your last week? 

How many rest days a week do you take? Is it always the same or do you switch it up?

What’s one song you’ve been playing on repeat lately? 

Have you been obsessing over any snacks or treats lately? Do tell…

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20 thoughts on “The Weekly RUNdown: Week #2 RunArkansas Challenge + Sweat Fest

  1. Your weather looks really great! Some weeks are faster than others for me right now. I am also loving taking afternoon walks and getting some fresh air. It helps! Have a great week and thanks for joining us

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great week! I’ve been doing 5K time trials (today is #5…after work), but a 4-miler sounds intriguing! Keep up the great consistent work!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great week of workouts for you! Send some of that pretty weather up to Chicago please. We’ve been so cold and wet. Today it got to the 60’s but it’s already dropped and of course storms are rolling in.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Awesome week! So glad you were able to get in some socially distant family time. That sounds so nice.

    Highlights from last week include a drive in movie and visiting a blueberry farm. I love the twinkly lights in your neighborhood!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I’ll definitely cross my fingers you get some sunshine really soon! It makes a world of difference for me, because on rainy days I can’t find motivation to do ANYTHING. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week, Lisa!!


    1. That’s amazing! I’ve heard the 3 Bridges Marathon is a really good one!! Well, minus the hills! 😉 The river trail is my favorite place to get in miles because it’s just so gorgeous year round. So glad you got to stop by and see them when you ran that one. Have a great day!!


  5. The weather there looks awesome! Today it got to 68 degrees, so I had to get out there and enjoy it. My birthday was Monday, so I guess that was an exciting thing that happened this week. Well, as exciting as quarantine birthday can be that is! Great job on the workouts this week!

    Liked by 1 person

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