The last time we sat down to have a chat was May so I think it’s about time for a new update as to what’s been going on in our world the past few weeks. I am in shock that’s it’s mid-August. (Well…basically.) Should we go ahead and put up the Christmas tree and New Years streamers at this point? I mean, what do we have to lose? πŸ˜‰

I hope wherever you’re reading this from, you’re safe, happy and surviving this doozie of a year that is 2020. We’re over halfway, we’ve got this in the bag, friends! Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself on repeat every single day. Oh and skip the news. That’s just a bonus tip I thought I’d throw in there too as to whats been helping me get through the days.

So, what’s been new in our world lately?

Last time we sat down for a chat, I mentioned I lost my motivation. As in it was zero, zilch, nada. No running sounded good, no gym workouts (well…it was closed, so there’s that.) and no yoga to be found. But, the good news is that our gym opened up and somehow that magically sparked my drive to get myself back moving again. I go through these weird phases where some months I get into such a great routine. I’m motivated to get going, whether it’s running, yoga, long walks, etc. I’m just happy to get moving. Thennnnn…come the weeks where motivation just comes to a complete stop. One thing we do, do is we are VERY diligent about our daily walks. We don’t miss a day. Seriously. I can’t NOT go outside at least once a day. It’s a non-negotiable for me and my overall best self, no matter what’s going on in our world. I would love to have an accumulation of the total miles I’ve walked in my lifetime up to this point because I bet it would be a pretty significant number.

But, I’ve been loving spinning as of late! It’s my latest and greatest addition to my workout routine and I’m the biggest fan of One Peloton. I know I’ve mentioned it here before, but I tried out the 90 day free trial with the app over quarantine and fell in love! I even went ahead and bought the monthly subscription because I’m obsessed with it. It’s the best workout app I’ve ever had and love that I can try out SO MANY different workouts all with the most amazing instructors. Seriously, if you’re not on there give it a try! You won’t regret it, I promise! And I finally figured out how to follow people, it took me a minute. But, if you’re there add me at “justmechelseab”! I’d love to connect and follow along with you!!

Oh and I’m fully aware, this bike is NOT a Peloton bike. But it does just what I need it to do and I hope to add the real thing to our home once we get settled in for good somewhere really soon! Add that to my 2021 goals. In the meantime, this one does the trick and I love that the One Peloton app works alongside it and I can take my spin classes with it juuuuust fine!

When I can catch a break mid-day between work sessions, I try to get outside for a few miles. Both running and walking too! Even though, I sincerely question it every time because of the amount of sweat that pours off my face with the 100000 degree heat right now. But, any vitamin D is better than no vitamin D, right? RIGHT. Again, another thing I tell myself on repeat these days.

Then, when it’s just unbearably hot as in (yesterday when the heat index felt like 110. Yes, 110…I hop onto the good ol treadmill and call it even.

In other news, I jumped on the Revlon One Step styler bandwagon. My mom actually got my sister one first for Mother’s Day a few months back and said it was basically the best invention since sliced bread. So obviously I was intrigued. She has a TON of hair so I knew if it worked on hers, it would probably work on my crazy wig of hair too. πŸ˜‰ So my mom being the best mom that she is decided to get one for me too! She’s a real peach and definitely the MVP for the gift of the year. I LOVE IT! I don’t really know how I’ve lived up to 30 without having one of these bad boys but if you haven’t tried one and I know you’ve most likely heard of it, get it. And while you’re at it, say see ya never to your hair dryer for good. RIP hairdryer. You’re no longer needed here.

I’m loving these easy salad kits from Kroger. This one is a new organic one I snagged the other day and it was perfect for an easy green side with pasta night!

Also, anyone else obsessed with Trader Joe’s veggie fried rice? I used olive oil with mine and it turns out delicious every single time. Seriously, fasted and most satisfying rice dish ever.

I got the best e-mail the other day from “Penguin CBD” with their (delicious) gummies and CBD oil to try out! I can’t wait to get my review posted for you guys! I’ve been wanting to try CBD out for a while now but just haven’t landed on a good one! But, they found me here on the blog and reached out asking if I’d like to try theirs out! So, obviously I researched them and their ingredients before I said yes. But, after scouring their website and social platforms, I decided to go for it and give it a try! I am loving it so far so review coming your way really soon!

Oh, and I can’t leave without giving you a pupdate too! πŸ˜‰

These two have been lazy as ever and fully celebrated “National Lazy Day” yesterday. Although, I do think they celebrate this each and every day of their senior living lives. But, Joey has been cone free the past few months and wanted me to show you his progress (and his good side). We switched his food up and so far it’s been a huge step in the right direction for him. I’ll tell him you said congrats! πŸ˜‰ And, is it weird to be jealous of your dogs eyelashes? Cooper has lashes for days…

AND, last but not least, we are loving the newest addition to our family (aka my moms puppanion), Henry! He’s the sweetest, spunkiest and cutest little Lhasa Apso Doodle there ever was and we couldn’t love him anymore! He came from a shelter and we snagged him up before anyone else could get their hands on him thanks to Nick’s mom’s friend who volunteers there and gave us the early scoop on him. I got him a stuffed squeaky hot dog for his welcome home gift and it’s his favorite toy…which makes my dog mom heart happy in every way. He’s the best and makes for the best companion ever for my mom! He does have heart worms but is on treatment and should be healthier than ever come September! But, he’s 2 1/2 years old and adds such a fun spunk to our family! Welcome to the fam, Henry!!

Alright, I’m off to get some work done for the day in social media manager world. Here’s hoping your Tuesday is a productive one! I’m hoping to hop back on here more often, so fingers crossed we’ll chat right back here, same place, really soon!

Questions for you!

How many dogs are in your immediate family? Or are you more of a cat fam?

What’s one snack or food item you’ve been loving lately? Do tell…

How hot is it where you are? Has it made it past 100? I am crossing my fingers and toe for you that it hasn’t…

4 thoughts on “August Update + THINGS I’m LOVING LATELY

  1. Since quarantine started I’ve been very strict about getting outside 3 times a day: workout in the morning, dog walk at lunch, and dog walk at dinner. It’s great for me and of course the dog is just over the moon happy to get an extra walk. We’ve only gotten to 90 here so you have all of my respect for 110! I keep looking at that Revlon styler, I think the only reason that I haven’t gotten it yet is that I never do my hair anymore since I’m at home all of the time. But man, everyone loves it so maybe it will be my post-quarantine treat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love it that you’re getting outside 3 times a day!! Such a great way to break up the day, for sure!! It just makes ALL the difference and I’m sure those pups are just in heaven with all the walks.

      We’re FINALLY cooling down next week and I can’t wait to finally not melt into a puddle right when I walk out the door…haha!

      And I am RIGHT there with you on the styling my hair. Mine is typically an absolute mess, especially since we haven’t been leaving much but this made me actually want to style my hair for the first time in forever! It’s amazing!!

      Hope you have a fabulous week and upcoming weekend!!


  2. I too stick firm to the HAVE to get out of the house once a day for fresh air for at least an hour. Some days the motivation isn’t there (hello, rainy days) but most days come early afternoon I am more than ready to escape my apartment. I am also buying my first house in two days so I am sure the next month will be CRAZY so I will NEED that outside time to get in some quality walking time in the fresh air!
    No animals for me but maybe a dog in the future.
    Favorite snacks right now are Quaker Simply Granola mixed with Vanilla Greek yogurt mixed together and frozen so it turns into a thick kind of ice cream and it cools me off after those HOT walks!
    p.s. I am now following you on Peloton! Have you tried Hannah Frankson’s classes, she’s the BEST!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Lindsay!! Congratulations on your new home purchase! That’s such exciting news! I hope you love it!! Homeownership is like no other adventure and such a fun learning experience! You’ll do amazing!!

      Definitely right there with you on the outside time! I can’t imagine not being able to get outside for fresh air…I know I would just lose it in no time! I’m so thankful we’ve at least been able to do that over this whole quarantine situation!

      Ohh and that granola/yogurt sounds like the perfect post walk treat for sure!

      YAY–I followed you back on Peloton! So excited to finally figure that app out!! πŸ™‚ And I will for sure check out Hannah’s classes! I’ve been on such an Ally Love kick so I definitely need to change it up to try out more instructors.

      Have a great day and good luck with your closing!!

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