Currently – August 2020

It’s finally Friday! This week seemed as though there were an extra 5 days snuck in. Anyone else feel that way?

I hope you’ve had an amazing week and have something exciting for the upcoming weekend! We have plans to spend a majority of both Saturday and Sunday outside. (YAY!) What about you?

Little Rock Arkansas

Today’s blog post is going to be all things “currently” going on in my world this month! Let’s dive right in, shall we?

I’m currently ‘working‘ on:

-A LOT of things actually! I’ve been super thankful for my amazing clients in the Social Media world lately that have been keeping me busy, busy, busy! Every day I get to do all things graphic design, social media marketing as well as content creation for websites and I couldn’t love what I get do any more! I get to work with clients in the healthcare industry, service industry and even authors/writers, so I’ve got all the bases covered. Most days it feels like I’m not even technically ‘working’ because I love what I do so much! I really couldn’t be more thankful that this dream job landed in my life a few years back and I can’t imagine doing anything else! I actually graduated from UCA with a communications degree back in 2011 and wanted so badly to find my way into marketing but just didn’t exactly know how to go about it. But, low and behold, it found me and I’m loving every minute of it!

I do still have my real estate license, though, and take on opportunities there as they arise. We actually aren’t currently looking for another flip house for the next little while though, just considering the craziness of the economy and what it might hold in the coming months. So, we’re safely holding back on that for now and hope sometime in the future we may dive back into a flip house or even rental property down the road to own/manage.

I’m currently ‘running‘:

Less these days but only because I’ve been spinning more frequently when we’re at the gym! We’ve been averaging about 3 miles on our walks each day though so those definitely are helping me log the miles in between my workouts! I am still logging a few running miles each week so I’m not at zero by any means but long runs aren’t in my future as of right now. Something about shorter distances and speed work have been more my jam when I lace up my running shoes lately.

Arkansas runner

I’m currently ‘reading‘:

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post I’m currently into ‘High Performance Habits’ by Brendon Burchard on Audible! It’s a really great personal development read. I also have a new Royal reading that I’ve added to the mix! I plan on diving into it this weekend and literally can’t wait! You may or may not know that I have a serious obsession with the Royals. I grew up where my mom was obsessed with all things Princess Diana so it honestly came naturally to be just as obsessed with the current Royals. My mom and I woke up at 2:30 or 3:00ish on Will & Kate’s wedding day and spent the entire weekend watching ALL things Royal wedding. It was the best! I’m definitely team Will & Kate but this read on Harry & Meghan is just one I can’t pass up. I’m sure its all just drama but oh to be a fly on the wall of the Royal Palace these days…Anyways, this book is sure to be a quick read and I can’t wait to see what all goes down from chapter to chapter. Anyone else obsessed with the British Royal family?

Finding Freedom

I’m currently ‘listening‘ to:

The ‘Ed Mylett Show‘ podcast on Spotify! I really can’t recommend this podcast enough if you’re into personal development and motivational speakers. The guests he has on are seriously AMAZING to listen to and are so totally inspiring in every way. Next time you’re looking for a new podcast, give this one a listen. It’s really good!

I’m currently ‘ready‘ for:

Fall. All things fall. That includes my birthday month (September!), cooler temperatures and fingers crossed football on Saturdays too! Is there anything better than a crisp cool Saturday with the windows open, fall candles lit, yummy crockpot meal going and football playing on the tv? I really can’t think of anything that beats that combo. Fall is hands down my favorite season for a variety of reason! We’re also hoping to squeeze in a beach trip sometime in September to my favorite place on earth, 30A in Seaside, Florida!

Seaside, Florida

I’m currently ‘thankful‘ for:

The SEAM Lotus personal safety device. There have been some really scary incidents happening lately that really put personal safety at the forefront of my mind, which isn’t ever something to get relaxed about. I was sent this personal safety device a few months back and have just gotten around to using it! It’s a safety wearable that clips on to be able to connect and share my location, audio and visual of my surroundings and emergency calls with my ‘guardians’ or contacts if I find myself in a bad situation! Things like this are LIFE SAVING and I couldn’t be more thankful to have one of my own. If you’ve never considered carrying something with you when you’re out and about either running, walking or just general shopping–do consider having something with you that can protect you and keep you safe. Also, pepper spray or tasers–anything that you can have on hand to protect yourself in a bad situation is never a bad idea! I can’t recommend things like this enough because I’ve just seen and heard of way too many situations that could’ve been helpful when it comes to females being taken or harassed when they’re out on a run/walk/hike. I’ve got a long list of recommended devices, so feel free to message me anytime if you ever have questions on personal safety! I’m happy to help in anyway that I can, so ask away!!

SEAM Lotus personal safety device

I’m currently ‘watching‘:

Big Brother! Any other BB fans out there? I’ve been watching it for years and years and years. It’s just too good and truly sucks you in on the first episode! If you’re new to the BB world, it’s basically a social experiment where they quarantine a group of individuals (about 12-15 people) for the summer and they compete each week to stay in the game. It’s addicting, so be warned if you end up watching it. Right now, I’m on board with Janelle, Cody, Nicole F., or Tyler! They’re my faves. What about you? Who are you rooting for this season? I love that it’s an All-Star season.

I’m currently ‘following‘:

Anna Kloots on Instagram! I stumbled across her page with her sister’s story, Amanda Kloots and her husband Nick Cordero from LA who recently passed away from COVID. Anna is a writer that’s living in Paris and her stories are just beautiful in every way! I’ve always wanted to visit Paris but even more so now after following along with her story. She shares weekly readings of her upcoming book and her storytelling ability is 100%! She’s amazing and I highly recommend you follow her page!

I’m currently ‘praying‘ for:

Sydney Sutherland–a runner that went missing this past Wednesday near Jonesboro, Arkansas. Her story is terrifying and really brings to the light the importance of personal safety. I am hoping and praying they find her and bring her home safely in the coming days! She is only 25 and went for an afternoon run and has suddenly vanished in a very rural area in NE Arkansas. If you don’t mind taking a second to say a quick prayer, send positive thoughts or share her story to your social pages–anything I know would be helpful to bringing her home. Nothing makes me more angry than people messing with runners, especially women, because they think we’re so vulnerable. It’s sad and scary but if there’s anything I can do to help put an end to it, I will!

I’m currently ‘celebrating‘:

Cooler weather!! It’s been a fall teaser this week in Arkansas with the best low temperatures in the mid-to-low 60’s at night here and it’s been welcomed with open arms. It’s been a toasty summer here so I’ve been loving the beautiful sunshine with lower humidity the past few days.

I’m currently ‘loving‘:

These Calmed by Nature videos on YouTube! If you’re looking for a calm background noise that has beautiful imaging–try this channel out! It’s my latest obsession to have on throughout the day. There are a ton of different scenes so I know you’ll find one you love! My favorites are the beach scenes because what’s more calming than rolling waves? Nothing.

And that’s a wrap on what’s ‘currently’ going on in my world this month! I really can’t believe we’re nearing the last few months of 2020. What a year it’s been guys. Here’s hoping September brings on ALL sorts of great things with good news all around.

I’d love to hear what you’re currently loving, reading, watching, working on, praying for, celebrating, thankful for, or listening to! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Talk soon!

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