weekend ramblings + the senior mile + jell-o legs for days

Hey, hey!

Hopping into all things random for today’s blog post.

We spent the entire weekend outside, just as I hoped we would! We headed down to our favorite spot by the river on Saturday morning and caught the local sailing club practicing. It seriously couldn’t be more relaxing to be by the water and hear the rolling waves come in. We attempted to fish, but had no luck. Apparently fish don’t like sausage as bait…πŸ˜†

Lake Maumelle Arkansas

These two have been working really hard lately at knocking out a whole mile walk every day! With Cooper being 12 years old and Joey being somewhere around 16 years old, we’re trying to keep them at least a little bit active each and every day to help their joints. So, they’ve been logging their mile every day and I’m assuming feel pretty proud of their daily accomplishment. I’ll be sure and tell them you said they look young for their age. πŸ˜‰

Senior Dogs on a walk

I got in a serious leg day workout this weekend and followed it up with a 20 minute 80’s ride with my favorite One Peloton instructor, Ally Love yesterday! My legs feel like jell-o today so I assume that means a rest day is in order. You’d think 20 minutes wouldn’t be too challenging but I was definitely dripping sweat by the end of my workout.

We went to my sister’s house this weekend too and got to see the most beautiful sunset by their neighborhood lake. I took about 13847 pictures of it just so I wouldn’t forget how gorgeous it was. We attempted to fish there too and…no luck.

Cabot Arkansas

Anyone else’s dog a fan of broccoli? Joey can’t get enough (cooked or raw) and we can’t either of these super simple pre-cut pieces from TJ’s! Does Trader Joe’s fail at anything? I’ve yet to find a flaw. It’s my favorite grocery store we have in Little Rock!

Trader Joe's Broccoli

Speaking of grocery stores, we ran into Natural Grocers the other day and it was their anniversary weekend so they had the biggest sales on anything and everything! We got a little sample of this shampoo/conditioner combo and I fell in love! I have super fine (yet thick…strange combo) hair and feel like product and certain shampoos just do NOT wash through my hair easily. So, I’m always on the hunt for better shampoo/conditioner. This one so far has been AMAZING and not to mention smells heavenly. It made my hair 10x softer and easier to manage which are both huge wins in my book.

Giovanni Shampoo and Conditioner

Another home run for Smart Sweets! They sent me the cutest package filled with all things watermelon sours and they’re REALLY good! I love that these had the perfect amount of sour and sweet. If you haven’t tried these, I’d highly recommend grabbing a bag next time you’re in Target or Whole Foods!

Smart Sweets Sourmelon Bites

Last but not least, I’m fairly certain I may be the last person (under 40) on the planet that still loves thumbing through magazines. They’re my favorite little guilty pleasure and give my eyes a real break from screen time in between all the work and blogging lately. Better Homes & Gardens is my favorite but Runner’s World is a close 2nd! My mom actually gets this one and saves it for me every month! So, it’s always a fun mail day when these come in! I’ve always had the dream to be a freelance contributor to a magazine so just putting that out there BH&G or RW–I’m available for a new column whenever you need me! πŸ˜‰

Better Homes & Gardens

That’s enough rambling for this Tuesday morning. I’m off for a super busy and hopefully productive day filled with all things social media marketing and content creation! I plan on sharing more of my work from home life here on the blog this week, so stay tuned!!

Happy Tuesday, you guys! Make it a great one!

Questions for YOU:

Have you tried Smart Sweets yet? Thoughts?

What was the best part of your weekend?

Are you a magazine reader or is that just something you do at the dentist office! HA!

Talk soon!!

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