BLOGMAS DAY #2: christmas playlist 2020

It’s Day #2 of Blogmas 2020! For today’s post, I wanted to share my favorite Christmas playlist with you! But first, I couldn’t help but share our pretty little mini tree that we put up last night! It’s officially festive and I love every bit of it. Something about the joy of Christmas sure feels extra necessary this year and I’m all kinds of here for it. We couldn’t skip out on our real-tree tradition and this little tree fit perfectly in its little corner home right by the window. There really is nothing quite like a real tree at Christmas to me. The smell is my favorite part.

Okay, now for what you came for. Drum roll please…

Christmas Tunes 2020! While it may be a teeny bit random, it’s nonetheless perfectly Christmas and I know you’ll just love every song. This Spotify playlist is jam packed with oldies, acoustics and a few hit movie Christmas songs too!

Questions for you:

What’s your favorite Christmas song? Are you an oldies fan or are you more of a modern music fan?

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

Real or fake tree?

Talk tomorrow!

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