Another weekend is coming to an end and that brings us to Day #6 of BLOGMAS! It really is flying by already and we’re almost to a full week of daily blogging!


Today started off with none other than a coffee trip. Did I mention we have a problem with going here a little too frequently? Because we do. Matcha green tea latte for Nick and a skinny peppermint mocha for me! Then, we made a quick stop to Kroger to grab breakfast!

Red Cup Season

Sundays and bacon = perfection. This Applegate Naturals is our favorite kind! It really has the best flavor.

Then we headed up to Target to look for a new phone case and can’t help but stroll through the Magnolia Home section each time we’re there. We have a comforter from them and it’s so soft! We may end up getting another one to add to the mix soon. I love EVERYTHING they have and would gladly take one of each from their entire line. #PleaseChipandJo

Magnolia Home at Target

It was another pretty day here in Little Rock so we had to squeeze in a walk at Wildwood Park for the arts to soak in some vitamin d!

We stopped by my Mom’s house and visited with her and little Henry. He was full of energy and ready to play which is always the best. It’s so different than our little senior pups energy levels so I’m always happy to throw his toys around with him and give him all the only child attention he can get. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Is he not the cutest thing? I can’t imagine our family without him and he’s only been with my mom since early summer! He’s such a loved little guy by all of us and an #adoptdontshop win hands down.

Lhasa Apso Doodle Mix

Nick fired up the grill again for lunch today. We had a repeat of grilled chicken drumettes, asparagus, and sweet potatoes (cooked in the air fryer)! I sprinkled a little bit of parmesan cheese on my asparagus and it took it up a notch for sure.

Grilled Asaparagus

I snacked on this veggie tray off and on today too. PRO TIP: If you’re lacking in vegetables in between all the sugar cookies and sweets (like me ;)) from the holiday season already, grab yourself a veggie tray for the easiest grab and go snack!

Veggie Tray

I like to get a little bit of work done on Sundays too to prepare for the upcoming week ahead. Anybody else like a good brain dump to de-stress and feel confident going into a new week?

Work From Home Social Media Manager

And a hot cup of the best TJ’s hot cocoa is waiting for me to send the weekend off on a sweet note.

Trader Joes Hot Cocoa

That’s a wrap on the weekend. I hope you had a great one! See you guys tomorrow for day #7!

Questions for you:

Do you do self-care on Sunday?

What’s your favorite hot cocoa? Do you add marshmallows?

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Any topics you want to hear from me for Blogmas? Share your ideas in the comments below!!

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