Day #14 of BLOGMAS is HERE!

Happy Monday! It really feels like the calm before the storm, doesn’t it? This time next week we will all probably feel like we’re mid-marathon as we approach the finish line. We’ve got this friends! I believe in us. ๐Ÿ˜‰ PS I still haven’t start Christmas shopping yet…#sigh. Tell me I’m not alone?

Anyways, today’s post is a fun festive one because I’m sharing my 2020 Christmas Bucket List! What is a Christmas Bucket List? I’m so glad you asked! It’s a jam packed list filled with all things Christmas and things I plan on tackling over the next 11-ish days or so. Want to join me? We can do it together!

Here are 12 things I plan on doing to celebrate Christmas over the next week and 1/2 ish:

  1. I want to build a ginger bread house! They have some really cute ginger bread house sets at Trader Joe’s–so of course, I’ll have to snag one and make it a fun date night with Nick! He’s the most competitive person I know so I’m going to have to brush up my ginger bread house building skills in order to take this one home. I’m thinking we’ll even take it up a notch and have Brooklyn (my niece) judge us.
Gingerbread house

2. I want to decorate Christmas cookies! We usually do this on Christmas Eve with my family so I’m pretty sure I’ll be marking this off my list then. I’ll definitely pick up that set from Fresh Market because it was too cute! We might even bake a few and get real wild! HA!

Christmas Cookies

3. I want to buy a special sentimental ornament! So, Nick and I met at Starbucks 8 years ago and I thought it would be really cute to start collecting sentimental ornaments to decorate our tree with something special from each year. We’ll start with a Starbucks cup and go from there! How fun, right?

Starbucks coffee ornament

4. I want to grab some hot cocoa and go for a Chrstimas lights drive.

Christmas Lights

5. The other day, at our favorite breakfast spot, Hillcrest Little Bakery, I saw they have a little angel tree that had the sweetest kiddo requests on it. So, I plan to get a few of those and give to some little ones in need. I even saw one that had “a computer mouse” as their request and I melted. I could only imagine they want one because they need one for virtual school and it instantly made me want to buy them 13984739 toys and gifts this year.

6. I want to a Christmas picture of the dogs! Cooper isn’t really a fan, if you can tell. HAHAHA! But, Joey is always up for it!

7. I want to make Christmas fudge with my mom! She’s the queen of fudge making so this will definitely be happening sometime this week! We may even add a little bark to the mix this time around. YUM!

Christmas fudge

8. I want to make some sort of new dessert or dip to bring to our family dinner on Christmas Day! Any ideas are welcome here!

Christmas Baking

9. I want to watch a super cheesy Hallmark or Lifetime movie. Can you believe I’ve never seen one? I grew up watching Lifetime movies but somehow missed the boat on Hallmark Christmas movies! So, that’s a must-do this year. And yes, I’ll force Nick to watch with me. He’ll love it, I’m sure! HA! Which one should we do? Any recommendations?

10. I want to do a random act of kindness! Whether that’s buying someones coffee in line at Starbucks or leaving an extra tip for the grocery worker, giving a bag of goodies to someone in need–anything to spread a little Christmas cheer and spread some joy in a year that we could all use a little extra happy in.

Acts of Kindness

11. I want to watch the Nutcracker Ballet! They’re doing a free virtual event on Facebook this year so this is definitely a must! I’ve never seen the real-life version but have always wanted to. Maybe I can make that happen in 2021!

Virtual Nutcracker

12. Last but not least, I want to make DIY Christmas cards! Is there anything better than a handmade card at Christmas? I don’t think so! We’ll see what I can come up with, but I feel like there’ll be a lot of glitter involved. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Pinterest, here I come!

I have a lot of ground to cover over the next few days, so I should probably get on it. I hope you’ll join me and mark a few super festive activities off your list this year! Why not, right?

Questions for you:

Are you a Hallmark/Lifetime movie fan? If you are, what are your favorites?

Do you wrap your gifts or are you a bag-gift giver?

What are your random act of kindness ideas?

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