Day #15 of BLOGMAS calls for sharing some happiness in the news lately. I’m not quite sure if you may have noticed but… pretty much everyone seems to be well past over 2020 and ready to move onto bigger and better things, aka 2021. It definitely feels like we’ve all had of our fair share of bad news, stress, frustration and down right challenging times this past year. Right? Right.

So, I was sitting here tossing around some ideas, trying to think of something (anything… really) that I could bring to my blog to help spread light, share some happiness and add a little sprinkle of joy to your feed. Insert: My “Things That Make You Smile” blog series concept! I thought that maybe if you’re having a bad day, a bad month, or even a bad year (hello, F-R-I-E-N-D-S reference ;)) seeing some random acts of kindness or cuter than cute dog videos could help get your mind off things, even if its just for a moment in time or a few spare minutes in your day.

Happy News to Bring You Cheer & Things To Make You Smile

Without further ado, I present you: “Things That Make You Smile” Edition #1

Let’s kick back and soak in some happy! Shall we? Let’s do it!

Funny Christmas Dog

Little bits of happiness floating around on the ‘gram (aka Instagram):

Happiness in the news:

A 93-year-old veteran in Ohio is whittling walking sticks to raise money for his local food pantry.

Veteran Raising Money for His Local Food Pantry

What’s better than being utterly in love? How about being “otterly” in love? “Thanks to the online otter dating service Fishing For Love (because there apparently is such a thing), Harris has met his match.” Two lonely otters officially found love! ^^^Click the link to read their otterly adorable love story. 😉

Otter Love

Happy Random Acts of Kindness:

Have you heard of the 12 Days of Love Letters? Take a look at their website here and get signed up to mail letters to someone in need this Christmas!

‘Santa’s helper’ anonymously pays customer lay-aways at Gold Coast toy store

Random Act Of Kindness

Okay, so I hope you’re feeling a little bit lighter and a lot a bit happier (;)) after reading through this special BLOGMAS post. Stay tuned for more happiness in the news coming your way next week!

Oh, and if you have your own good news story that you want me to share, SEND IT MY WAY! I would love to share any and all happy stories, so share the link, send me an email or message me anytime!

Thanks for reading along today, friends! Here’s to celebrating that extra dose of happiness to spread a little cheer this time of year!

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