Happy Blogmas Day #17 and Fri-YAY eve.

Today was another busy, busy day filled with all THE things. We’re still mid-move which is always fun but it’s finally feeling like it’s coming together.

Snaps from today!

Thank goodness we set up my desk this afternoon because the empty mattress was my temporary office this morning. I’m always thankful to get to work from home but my appreciation level goes up ten fold when we’re moving. Moves are always complicated to navigate but it’s extra helpful when you can move your office wherever you need to while you make things work in transition.

Ahhh…much better! It’s empty but at least it’s in one piece!

Home Office setup

In between projects, we grabbed a quick lunch at McCalisters. Their ham and cheese melts are the best and definitely my favorite “fast food” type sandwich!

McCalisters Lunch

After lunch, Nick officially won boyfriend of the decade award because he went along with my eagerness to pick up this faux fireplace for the living room. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks and decided we couldn’t move in without one. So…

Tadaaaaaa! I REALLY love it! We ended up swapping out the “faux logs” for another set we had from our last move and it was a perfect fit. The one that came with it just wasn’t the greatest (light-wise) but this other insert makes it feel a lot more realistic. I admit that I have a real obsession with cozy fireplaces in our homes so while it’s not real, it definitely makes the living room feel 10x cozier and more home-y. I can’t wait to get it decorated! We may be late to the Christmas decor game but better late than never, right?

Lowe's Allen + Roth Faux Fireplace

Oh and Nick started painting our bed frame set! It’s actually from his grandmother’s bed set from years and years ago and I can’t wait to get it all set up and put together. We’re going with an all white theme if you can’t tell. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The more crisp and clean, the better!

Upcycled Bedframe

Last but not least, the curtains are in the process of going up! They really do make the room feel so much more put together. We actually bought 3 packages of this exact same style for our last reno so we have plenty to go around in this house.


While there’s still little white paint droplets in every little nook, we plan to deep clean and still be able to get everything ready to move-in this weekend! YAY! We’re so close to being settled I can taste it.

Alright you guys, that’s all I have for today! Thanks for stopping by for another snaps from today BLOGMAS post! I hope you’re having the best week and that your Friday is filled with all things fun!

Questions for you:

What style is your home decorated in? Is it farmhouse, vintage, modern or a little mix of everything?

What’s your go-to for takeout right now? Any favorites?

Are you an earlier riser or do you like to sleep in on the weekend?


    1. Thank you so much Lindsay!! Yes, we are finally feeling like we’re close to the finish line with getting our new house ready to go! It’s actually about 1200 square feet so we have plenty of room to spread out! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you’re still loving your new house!!


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