Hi friends! I hope your week is going great so far! We’re THISSSS close to Friday, I can taste it! (YAY!) We have just been busy bees working away over here. All the freelance work + all the house work on top of recovering post-sickness that started off the New Year. Anyways, I thought I’d share my latest Trader Joe’s haul with you because I haven’t done one in a really long time!

Anyone else love a good grocery haul? I love them and it’s probably because grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do! It’s even more fun when it’s at none other than my favorite place–Trader Joe’s!

Trader Joe's Grocery Haul

l love finding new things as I stroll through the aisle’s. And, I of course, have my go-to staples that I can’t leave the store without. In today’s haul, I’ve got a little bit of everything to set us up for a good week or so. While we do end up grabbing sushi one night or so a week, this amount of food usually holds us over for a good 5-7ish days. We feel like we do eat A LOT for just two people living in our household, but we’re pretty active so we’ve gotta fuel up for all the movement, right? 😉

Here’s what I like to grab when I’m going in for a solid few days of eating at home, (ie no going out for to-go food):


Organic ground chicken meat

Organic ground turkey meat (x3)

NO sugar added bacon (x2)

Frozen Turkey Burgers (these are SO GOOD and SO EASY to make!)

Frozen shrimp

Frozen Mahi Mahi filets


Organic sweet potatoes

Organic russet potatoes

Organic golden potatoes

Organic broccoli florets


Avacados (x2)

Chopped baby carrots

Baby tomatoes

Bagged spinach

Green peppers

Sliced apples

Frozen foods:

Frozen broccoli florets

Frozen berry mix (for smoothies)

Shredded potato hashbrowns (super easy breakfast side!)

Misc. (Snacks, boxed foods, etc.)

Instant oatmeal packets

Red lentil noodles

Spaghetti sauce

Chomps jerky sticks (Turkey is my favorite one!)

Matcha green tea power (Nick’s favorite!)

Olive oil potato chips (we go through these SO fast because they’re so good! The ingredients are so simple with no added extra ANYTHING!)

Onion salt

Garlic powder

Trader Joe's Grocery Haul
Trader Joe's Grocery Haul

Meals-wise out of this batch, I plan on making:

Turkey burgers with a side of roasted potatoes and broccoli

Spaghetti (ish) with the Red Lentil noodles and sauce

Mahi Mahi (either air fried or pan fried on the stove) with a side of steamed broccoli

Bacon and hash browns

Ground chicken mixed with frozen veggies and rice

Ground turkey meat bowls with frozen veggies and rice

Mixed fruit smoothies with ALL the greens packed in for an added green boost

Oatmeal topped with frozen berries and a scoop of PB

Then, it’s leftovers and combining these things for a few meals as leftovers too. Then, it’s snacks on snacks with rest!

We’re super simple in our house and don’t try to over complicated our cooking. So, simple seasonings on top of some sort of protein (fish, meat, chicken) with a side of air fried, roasted, or steamed veggies! I didn’t grab a bagged salad mix but that’s usually something else we throw into the mix for dinners too. And again, one night we usually have sushi. (California rolls for the win! YUM!)

Can you believe this haul didn’t include anything chocolate? I’m just as shocked as you are…

Questions for you:

What’s something you get at the grocery store EVERY single time you go? Or do you mix it up each time?

What’s your favorite grocery store where you live?

Are you an oatmeal for breakfast fan? If you are, what do you mix in yours to make it delicious?

2 thoughts on “TRADER JOE’S HAUL JANUARY 2021

  1. Do you guys not like bread or do you get if from a different grocery store? The few times i’ve been to TJ’s they seem to have an awesome bread collection! I would check out the selection once you get a chance! ❤

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