Snow Storm in Arkansas 2021

Well…snow has officially landed in the south. It feels like a total dream because we haven’t had an inch of snow in Little Rock in over 5 years! Mother Nature sure made up for lost time because we’ve had not one, not two but three winter storms within the span of 1 whole week. We haven’t been above freezing since last week and won’t be until this weekend! WHOA! Fun Fact: Arkansas hasn’t seen below zero temperatures since 1989 (the year I was born!!) if that tells you anything about how rare this is for us! So all of this to say we’re a bunch of popsicles are this point…It’s fine. We’re fiiiiiiiiiinnee.

Let’s rewind and recap. Shall we?

Ice Storm in Central Arkansas 2021

It started with an ice storm that left about .50 of an inch of ice covering our roads. Luckily, it didn’t knock out our power but it made for FRIGID temperatures that we southerners just aren’t used to. Schools closed, businesses closed and we hunkered down for a day or two to let it blow over. Then, came the weekend!

One Peloton Run Class

We got in a few good workouts over the weekend because we figured the gym would be closed for a majority of this week. So, a one peloton run class and the treadmill were my go-to! If you haven’t taken a running class on the one peloton app — do it! They make time seriously fly by and I get at least 2.5 to 3.0 miles in each class!

We made sure to get in a breakfast date too! Hillcrest Little Bakery has the best coffee!

Hillcrest Little Bakery

Then, we made some Valentine’s deliveries!

Valentine's Day deliveries

And we grabbed the essentials! This Bonterra (red, rose and white) are all so good! They’re made with organic grapes which is a plus!

Bonterra Rose Wine

The rest of our weekend + Monday looked like this:

Cooper loves eating the snow. Joey is NOT a fan and has been snuggled up in his sweater on the heating pad for days now. Our neighborhood streets are not very drivable at this rate. And last but not least — these masks actually come in handy when it’s -3948 degrees out! They make all the difference in keeping your face warm!

Is it even a snow day if you don’t have pizza?

Tony's Pizza

We ended up getting around 8.5- 9 inches here in Little Rock!

Snow Totals in Little Rock Arkansas 2021

We took the new VW out for her first snow adventure! Nick was like a kid on Christmas and couldn’t wait to put it in “snow mode”.

Volkswagon Atlas Cross Sport Ozark Edition

And we’re due for storm #3 tonight into tomorrow!

Here we snow again…

I hope you’re staying warm and cozy where you are! Also, keeping our Texas neighbors in our thoughts and prayers hoping they get power REALLY soon and hoping we don’t lose ours! Burrrrrrrrrrr.

Stay tuned to blog because I’ve got a really good REVIEW post coming your way tomorrow!

Questions for you:

What did your weekend look like?

Is it snowy and cold where you are?

What’s your favorite season?

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