Snowmageddon 2021 + Viral Tiktok Pasta

We made it through guys. Little Rock officially broke records for snowfall this past week BIG TIME. To say it has been epic would be a total understatement.

If you’re wondering WHY we can’t stop talking about the snow it’s because it literally NEVER snows like this here. Blizzards and inches on inches of snowfall is quite the norm for northerners but for those of us in the south — this is out of our realm. The snow just KEPT FALLING all week and we ended up with over a foot of snow here in Central Arkansas. I have to admit I’m one of the crazy ones because I absolutely love, love love it. Luckily, we’ve kept our power, water and health over the past week unlike our close neighbors in Texas. I can’t imagine what they’re experiencing as they try to get through it all. Here’s hoping the thaw begins for them over the next few days so that they can get back up and running. We were honestly so surprised our power didn’t even flicker considering the age of our house.

I think I’ve officially mastered winter wear though. This extra thick scarf and fleece-lined hat have been my daily go-to’s for our snow walks. Oh, and layers upon layers of sweatshirts and leggings help too.

Snowmageddon 2021 Hillcrest Arkansas

The dogs have differing opinions though. Cooper can’t stop eating the snow. He literally would stay out forever trying to eat every last snowflake but I have to physically pick him up and move him inside because he stands there shivering. He’s also extra short so with over a foot of snow he literally can’t lift his legs high enough to move around in it.

Snowmageddon 2021

He loves to stare at it as it falls out front too. It’s literally the cutest thing ever.

Snowmageddon 2021

Joey barely dips a toe in it and is more than ready to get back inside to his cozy heating pad on the couch. But, when you’re 18 and 126 ish in dog years — that’s life.

Snowmageddon 2021

My sister sent us this of their dog, Ollie the other day when they lost power. His face literally says it all after my niece dressed him to stay warm. HA!

Snowmageddon 2021

I got influenced again and had to try this oh-so-viral Tiktok pasta recipe. I don’t have Tiktok myself but still see it a ton on Facebook and IG all the time and this recipe was everywhere! I have to admit…I didn’t really fall in love with this stuff. I’d give it a 4/10. I feel like it needed something more to it. But, maybe that’s just me. Have you tried it out yet? Tell me if I’m missing something to it.

Snow snacks are totally a thing.

Have you ever seen a more perfect “Perfect Bar”?

Perfect Bar

Popcorn and snow days pair well.

Boom Chicka Pop Butter Popcorn

So does honey roasted peanut butter banana toast.

Honey Roasted Peanut Butter toast

I’ll leave you guys with a few more “snowmageddon2021” pictures because a snowstorm like this definitely deserves to be documented. They say this could be once in a lifetime snow fall for the south so I’m soaking it all in.

Snowmageddon 2021 Little Rock Arkansas snowfall 2021

I hope you’re staying warm and cozy where you are today!!

Questions for you:

Do you live where it snows a lot?

-We get MAYBE 1-2 inches every few years. That’s why this is so unheard of for us here in Arkansas.

Would you pick snow or sand? What’s your favorite?

Have you tried the viral Tiktok pasta recipe? Thoughts?


  1. Ha! Love the snow Angel at the end! Being from Canada I’m no stranger to the snow and snow storms — it is pretty when it first comes down hard!! We just moved to Bethesda, Maryland and I can’t stop laughing how people freak out over an inch of snow here — snow ploughs working around the clock. 😂

    Enjoy the white stuff!

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