Building a running base with the One Peloton App

Hi there! Welcome back to the blog!

If you’re new here, I’m Chelsea and I couldn’t be more excited that you stopped by my little corner of the internet. Welcome, welcome!! I’m a runner (born and raised in central Arkansas) and have been for over 10+ years now. I’ve completed a full marathon (…that was hard), 5 half-marathons plus a ton of 5k’s and 10k’s in between. Running gives me the ultimate outlet for all things from creativity to giving my brain a solid break to strictly focus on pounding out mile after mile. I love it and I’m willing to bet you do to if you stopped by to read this post.

Since the chaos of 2020 hit, home workouts have become a serious sanity saver. When the gyms closed their doors and we were all stuck inside, it felt like crazy town USA was bound to be our next change of address.

Running races = cancelled.

Workout classes = cancelled.

Weights on sale at Target/Amazon = WAY over priced due to demand or just completely sold out.

What’s a person to do when good sweat sessions give them a teeny glimmer of sanity (and normalcy) amidst the chaos of life? Get creative, that’s what.

While I haven’t been able to take an actual indoor workout class or run any type of road race in what seems like ages, I’ve been using the One Peloton app now for just about a year to help bridge the gap. And…you know what? It’s been a complete game changer, especially when it comes to keeping and building up a seriously solid running base. I’ve loved using this app so much that I completely cancelled my Beachbody OnDemand membership that I’ve held onto for years.

Treadmill running

Here’s why:

-You can’t beat the price for the insane value they offer. One Peloton knows what they’re doing when it comes to workouts and killer instructors. They combine high intensity with boosts of mental strength along with a great community — all in one place. For $12.99 per month, I’m sold. (*And, no this is NOT sponsored and they haven’t paid me a penny to talk about them. I’m just a big fan!) This is compared to paying $15 (ish) per month for Beachbody’s workouts that just didn’t have the same oommf to me. These One Peloton instructors are my favorite of all time and I don’t see that changing for a really long time.

-I don’t have a One Peloton spin bike! Nope. I sure don’t even though I wish I did. But, do I still take their spin classes? Yes, yes I do. I like to use their spin classes as good alternatives to cross training. Plus, they’re just really fun workouts to do and leave me filled up with all the endorphins a runner could need. I have an indoor cycling trainer for my road bike that did the trick while our gym was closed. Then, once they opened back up, I was able to hop on the gym spin bike there. Being able to do the jumps and increase resistance are my favorite parts of the spin class workouts. I just set my phone up on the handle bars and spin my heart out.

One Peloton App spin classes

-I love the variety of options you can pick from the workout classes. They have everything from yoga to indoor/outdoor running to spin, strength and stretching. Oh, they even offer meditation classes. They also offer a variety of levels, so anyone from beginners to experts can find something they love with each class type.

Surprisingly enough, my favorite part of the One Peloton app has to be the indoor running classes. I’m a regular treadmill runner because sometimes running alone isn’t ideal in Little Rock and I love to listen to music (and podcasts) while I’m on the run. Safety wise, that can’t happen on the roads for the sake of traffic and dangerous people. So, I’ve been consistently building my running base back up with HIIT interval training, speed work and endurance all within each of the running classes they offer. I love that they take the thinking part out of the workout for you as they tell you to speed up, add inclines for hill work and when it’s time to cool down between sections of intensity. The instructors are avid runners so it’s not like you’re taking a running class from someone who doesn’t know what it’s like to run longer distances. And, I just love that it doesn’t feel like you’re counting down the seconds until the mile is over. (You know…treadmill boredom at its finest.) Honestly, I don’t even look at the clock or my distance until each class is over. So, to be able to do that on a treadmill is quite an achievement. Plus, the sense of community that they build up as you take part in each class is another added bonus.

Here are my favorite classes + instructors of the indoor running classes on the One Peloton app:

One Peloton 30 minute 2000s run with Becs Gentry

Becs Gentry is no joke when it comes to running. I’d say her classes have been the most difficult but I never get off the treadmill without a good sweat after her classes. She is english too so her accent makes you feel like you’re taking a class with her in the UK. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have my eye on her Coldplay workouts for this weekend. I can’t wait to give it a try!

One Peloton 30 min HIIT run with Chase Tucker

Chase Tucker is probably my favorite running instructor so far. He’s super motivating and breaks things down to where you feel like you really aren’t going to die during his class. (LOL) He explains things really well and gets you ready for the next step in the workout with confidence and a good build up each time.

One Peloton 20 minute HIIT run with Rebecca Kennedy

Rebecca Kennedy is another favorite of mine. She is motivating, encouraging, and she’s a really impressive runner! I love taking her classes too because her music selection is always the best of the best.

Each class I typically get in around 2-3+ miles total including a 5 minute or so warm up. So, if you’re looking to build up to a 5k, this app could definitely get you there. They also have longer endurance classes if you’re looking to run further than 3 miles, so definitely check those out if that sounds like you.

By being able to combine cross training with strength to HIIT speed and hills with long distance — this app is absolutely crushing it when it comes to workouts for runners (of all skill levels). They have outdoor running classes too so when it warms up this is definitely going to be a frequent workouts to add to my training. I’m so excited to see where this base training takes me once races pick back up and I get signed up for a new challenge.

If you haven’t tried the app out for yourself, they have a free trial which is 100% worth it! So, give it a try and come back here to tell me what you think of it! I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love with it just like I have. The free trial completely convinced me I wanted to keep it for the long run (pun intended. ;)) and I haven’t looked back since.

Alright guys, I’m off to knock out a workout at the gym so I better end this post here.

I hope you have the best weekend and if you’re from the south right now– I hope you’re getting a good thaw from this crazy winter storm that just hit.

Happy running!!

Questions for you:

Do you use the One Peloton app?

What are your favorite ways to break a sweat?

Do you stretch before AND after your workouts?

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to most this weekend?

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