Olipop Sparkling Tonic Review and Taste Test

Hi and happy Thursday (that feels like a Friday…)!

Here’s hoping you’re having a really great week up to this point. The weekend is so close you guys! We’re THISSSS close to wrapping up the work week. (…and they all said AMEN!)

For today’s post, I’ve got a brand new review for you!

*As always, this post is NOT sponsored and Olipop is NOT paying me to give my thoughts and opinion. I just love a good product review, whether it’s food, hair care, workout equipment — you name it — and I’m down for reviewing it and sharing my raw honest review here on the blog.

If you’re anything like me, you’re on the flavored water bandwagon. I went YEARS and I really mean YEARS without touching a coke of any sort. Reason being that my dentist told me when I was really young that I had really sensitive teeth and needed to drink more water instead of any coke-type drink to help keep my teeth healthy and as cavity-free as possible. So, I’ve been a hardcore water drinker ever since. But, also if you’re anything like me, you know that water can get a little…boring after so long. I drink it with all meals, snacks, and of course during my workouts too. So, sometimes my tastebuds just crave a little pizazz if you know what I mean.

That brings me to sparkling and flavored water. This is a trend I can get down with for a few different reasons.

Here’s why:

I really don’t need any added sugar from a drink because, as you know, baked goods have my heart so the less sugar I can get elsewhere, the better.

After giving up any sort of coke for so many years the heavy taste of ‘syrups’ in regular cokes is just a little bit TOO much for me now. It’s not refreshing anymore but just tastes more like I’m downing a giant bottle of liquid sugar. Which…to be fair…that’s what cokes are. Right? (I’ll pretend you’re nodding your head in agreement.)

I love the fizziness of sparkling water but need a solid amount of flavor to make it worth my while. (I’m NOT a fan of La Croix even though I did try to like it for a while.)

So, you guys know by now that Strawberry Zevia’s have my whole heart. They’re my favorite of all favorite sparkling drinks that fill my sweet drink need without all the crazy amounts of sugar that say a Sprite has in it. They’re SO good and I buy them in bulk regularly. I’ve tried others but strawberry is where it’s at. Trust me on this.

Anyways, I came across this super cute new sparkling water drink called “Olipop” in the flavor of Strawberry Vanilla and HAD to give it a try. Speaking of bubbly (not that brand…) drinks I’m a big fan of, I love my Kevita drinks because they’re sparkling probiotic kombucha drinks that are super delicious. I specifically love the Blueberry Cherry (sadly, it was discontinued) and the Tart Cherry. So, I grabbed myself a can and gave it a try. I love that you can buy just one so you don’t waste a whole batch of them when you have to buy them in sets of 6.

Olipop Drink Review

Here’s what my tastebuds thought upon taste testing:

First thought: The smell is divine.

Second thought: Wow! That is surprisingly REALLY good. It has REAL flavor, not just subtle hits of strawberry and vanilla but REAALLLL creaminess to its fizz. Should we call its flavor more of a “Fizazz” ๐Ÿ˜‰

Third thought: This tastes like a candy I’ve had before…what is that flavor?? Ahhhh…it’s the Halls Fruit Breezers Creamy Strawberry flavor!! I can eat those like candy, for real. No halls-medicine-y taste whatsoever. YUM!!

Last thought: I could see myself drinking these regularly.

Okay, so here are the details on why this drink is different than your average sparkling water drink:

-It is packed with prebiotics, “botanicals” and plant fiber so it supports digestive health. Water that support digestive health? Yes please!

It’s gluten free, vegan, NO added sugar, and paleo! So it checks all the major popular diet boxes.

-It only has 3 grams of sugar! I’m assuming that has to do with the flavoring of the strawberry and yummy vanilla bean.

Olipop Sparkling Tonic Drink Review

-The ingredients are REALLY great with nothing in the list that I can’t pronounce. (YAY)

It’s priced at $35.99 for a case which is 12 cans. I bought mine individually at Fresh Market and paid under $4.00. Obviously, it’s little pricey for a canned drink but I consider it more of a dessert type drink treat and don’t plan on buying them in bulk anytime soon. But, I’d suggest sometimes you toss it over a scoop of vanilla ice cream as a float and BAM– you’ve got yourself a delicious dessert! Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is.

I know you can grab these at Whole Foods too and obviously you can order them online on their website and Amazon too.

Olipop Sparkling Tonic Strawberry Vanilla

They also have a bunch of other flavors like Root Beer, Ginger Lemon, Cherry Vanilla, and Orange so those would most likely be great options too if those are up your alley! I’m just a sucker for all things strawberry which is why I went with this option first.

Alright friends, that’s all for today’s Olipop review + taste test! I hope this helps if you’re in the market for a new-to-you sparkling tonic drink for digestive health!

If you try it, be sure and come back and tell me what you think of it! OR if you’ve tried it already, drop your thoughts down below! Let’s talk sparkling water!

Have an amazing rest of your day!!

4 thoughts on “review: OLIPOP SPARKLING TONIC + TASTE TEST

  1. I really enjoy sparkling water but at $4 a can … no way! That’s criminal! I get mandarin orange sparkling water bottles at walmart and they are like 33 cents a bottle (which is 33.8 fl oz) and while they have some fake sugar substitutes in them I am okay with that. Budget and balance! โค

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