Happy Monday!

Anyone else celebrating the fact that the beginning of March started on a Monday today? I love when months align that way.

We had a pretty low key weekend over here (filled with ALL the snacks) because it was pretty gloomy most of the weekend. I’m putting in an emergency order for some sunshine-filled days in the 70’s, STAT. How was your weekend? I hope it was super sunny where you’re reading today’s post from.

We started off with a quick trip to Hot Springs to see about a potential investment property. It was a 100 year old house right near Oaklawn so we’ll be doing some number crunching to see if we could make it work here soon! This is a snap from the mountain up the street near the downtown strip. What a view, right?

Hot Springs Arkansas

We got in a few good workouts. It was a necessity to document the fact that my pants matched the gym wall which pretty much matched my phone case. Give me all the purple things.

Matching Workout Outfit

I brought my new ankle weights with me to try out on the treadmill. They added a whole new level of difficulty to my workout!

I had to get a new bird feeder because a squirrel attacked my really cute little house one. So, I got this one from Target ($15!) which looks to be a lot tougher for hungry trespassing squirrels. We’ll see if they stay away from this one…

Target Birdfeeder

I snacked on another perfectly perfect, Perfect bar! I get so excited when they’re loaded with the chocolate chips! I keep looking for the mint flavor but I can’t find it for some reason! Hopefully soon, I’ll stumble across one so I can give it a try.

Perfect Bars

We got Chipotle not once but twice this weekend. No shame in our burrito game. What’s your go-to Chipotle order? Mine is a burrito with white rice, carnitas for the meat, queso (it’s extra. LOL), and lettuce. It’s super simple but hits the spot every time.

Chipotle Burrito

Saturday nights that look like this below are my favorite kind.

This Time Next Year

I also decided to give homemade dog food a try for our senior pups. They’ve not been responding that well to the last few kinds we’ve tried with them so I Pinterest-ed a few recipes and whipped up my own little version of one.

Homemade Dog Food

They were big fans! It has ground turkey, peas and carrots, white rice, and spinach in it. I think I’ll try and add in chicken sometime too.

Last on this snack-filled blog: These frosted wheat squares are my favorite kind of cereal. I may be alone in this but they’re just the perfect consistency to me when you mix them with almond milk!

Wheat Cereal

Okay, guys as I hit submit on this post the sun decided to peek out for a bit so I have to go soak in some Vitamin D before it’s gone!

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday!!

Questions for you:

What were you up to this weekend?

Do you match your workout outfits or do you just wear whatever?

I don’t ever really match anything. Nicks the opposite and has to match no matter what he has on.

What type of dog food do your puppers enjoy? Have you ever tried homemade before?

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