Life Lately

Hi! Happy Thursday!

Remember the days when we got summer break, spring break and thanksgiving break? Those were the days right? Why they got rid of those types of things when we all became adults is beyond me. We all need a little break away every so often, right? Well, I took an unintentional spring break the past week from the blog so I’ve got so much to update you on!

It is finally feeling like spring here in Arkansas with warmer temperatures, sunshine with mix of thunderstorms and all the fruity snacks. I’m a big fan!

Let’s rewind back a few days to get started on my spring break recap!

Over the weekend we got to celebrate my niece’s 13th birthday! Don’t mind me, I’ll just be crying over here in utter shock that she’s already a teenager when she was JUST a baby a second ago. Anyways, our weekend was go-go-go with delicious birthday cake, brunch, and family dinner!

Nothing Bundt Cake

Brooklyn stayed the night too and of course a tent was a must-do. We had to get extra creative with our building techniques so don’t mind the desk chair holding up a corner over there. ๐Ÿ™‚ After our tent-building-extravaganza we watched “Soul” on Disney+. It was really cute if you haven’t seen it!

Sleepover Fort

The next morning we met up with my sister, brother-in-law, and mom for brunch at the Red Door! It was delicious and I’m already craving these waffles again.

Red Door Brunch Waffles
Red Door Brunch Mimosas

Before the weekend kicked off, we got to dog sit Nick’s parents adorable puppy, Piper. She’s only two years old and is the sweetest little lady ever. It was so fun having her and so different than our little grandpa dogs. Ha! She was adopted last year and has made the biggest transformation. We just love her to pieces and are so happy she’s part of the family!

Dog Sitting

We soaked up all the outdoors and sunshine we could with multiple walks down by the river.

Big Dam Bridge Little Rock

If I could bottle up these days and keep them forever, I would. I’m not ready for 100 degree heat, but I’ll take 70’s and low humidity anytime! It’s been so nice!

Arkansas River Trail

I’ve also been getting in some really great runs this week too with the Peloton app. I’m so hooked that I don’t know how to run on the treadmill without taking a class anymore! LOL! It just makes the miles and the time go by so quickly! I love it!

Fresh cut watermelon on the front porch is my favorite kind of afternoon.

Fresh Cut Watermelon

I also branched out and tried a green smoothie from Smoothie King last week! It was REALLY good! We learned our lesson though because a few weeks back we stopped by their new location near us and Nick ordered two large smoothies. Well, turns out they were $10 EACH and the biggest smoothies EVER. So, we down graded to a small this time and it was a lot better. I think you could probably live off those large smoothies for days if you needed to. They’re HUGE!

Smoothie King

I’ve been on a huge yogurt/granola bowl kick lately. I’m really sad that the Trader Joe’s Grainless Granola is discontinued so I had to try a new one instead. It’s okay to me but not near as delicious as the grainless one. Maybe they’ll bring it back soon? Fingers crossed! But, give me all the berries, a drizzle of honey, and delicious yogurt for breakfast and my day is made!

Trader Joe's Granola

Lastly, anyone as excited as I am to walk down the aisle. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am so excited to get our outdoor garden going! YAY for spring weather!

Spring Gardening

Alright guys, I’m off for a busy day of work meetings and projects to tackle. I’ll see you back here tomorrow morning!

Have a great Friday-eve!

Questions for you:

What’s your favorite yogurt flavor? Do you add anything on top or do you prefer plain?

Are you a big smoothie person?

If you had to live off of one fruit, what would it be?

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