Happy Monday!

Anyone else starting their morning wondering what time it is? ๐Ÿ˜‰ It always takes me a few solid weeks before I get used to Daylight Savings Time. But, nevertheless I am excited for more daylight. YAY for Spring!

I hope you had a great weekend, despite the loss of an hour.

I welcomed the weekend with some much needed new running shoes. If you’ve been a longtime blog reader, you’ll know that I’m typically a Brooks Runner through and through. But, this time around I decided to switch things up a bit to try out the Nike’s Quest 3’s. These instantly felt like they hugged my feet with plenty of support. So, I’m excited to start from zero miles and see where these shoes take me on the run!

Nike Quest 3's women's running shoes

They had their first test with a 20 minute Peloton workout that kicked my butt, in the best way. If you’ve ever thought you can’t get in a good run or workout in 20 minutes, this class would make you think twice. I was DRIPPING in sweat at the end.

One Peloton Running Workout

2 miles that flew by and left me with ALL the post-run endorphin joy.

Treadmill Running Workout

With the time change came time for a new watch band too! I bought this little band kit off of Amazon and have loved being able to switch up my Garmin 235 watch bands every so often. They included all the tools you need to get the job done too. I just wish that the little teeeeeeny tiny screws could be a bit bigger because they do like to jump off while you’re switching everything out and blend in with ANY background. HA! But, overall it takes me about 5 minutes to switch things up.

Garmin 235 Running Watch and Bands

Berries & Basketball went down this weekend too! Arkansas fell short by just a few points in the SEC tournament but we’re headed to the BIG DANCE this Friday! Any other March Madness fans? It’s one of my favorite times of the year, especially when we have a great team to cheer for!

March Madness Basketball Razorbacks

TJ’s Banana Bread + Coffee had its time to shine too. These two treats compliment each other so well making for a divine breakfast.

Vegan Banana Bread from Trader Joe's

Daylight Savings Time is hard for everyone. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Fluffers included.

Tibetan Spaniel Naps

Spaghetti in a big mug is highly recommended in case you’ve never tried it.

Pasta in a Mug

Over the weekend, I saw the news of #SarahEverard. These heartbreaking stories just make my heart sink. I hated to hear about her story and hope that one day we can all run/walk/live in peace without the fear of evil lurking around the corner. It’s always a reminder for me of safety empowerment with things like my ‘Go Guarded‘ ring that I keep with me on the run. It’s super light weight and easy to forget you even have it on but packs a SERIOUS punch. Be sure to out their website, here, if you’re interested in snagging one for yourself! My thoughts and prayers for all those affected by her story, along with her friends and family as they navigate this time.

Go Guarded Women's Running Safety Ring

With that I’m off to tackle my work -“get to do” list. Here’s to a brand new week filled with all the opportunities! Here’s a little added motivation, just in case you need an added boost to pair with your coffee. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dear Monday…

Dear Monday

Questions for you:

How was your weekend? Did you get any good workouts in?

Do you prefer to spring forward or fall back? How do you try to adjust to the change?

What’s one self-care thing you have planned to get in this week?

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