Trader Joe's Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Review and Taste Test

Hi! Happy Tuesday!

For some reason I woke up thinking today was Wednesday, which proves just how off track Daylight Savings throws me. Anyone else?

Anyways, I hope your week has kicked off on a good note so far. Mine hasn’t been too crazy just yet, despite good ole’ Daylight Savings Time. Maybe we’re through the worst of it since the first Monday is behind us. Right?

For today’s post, I’m bringing you a new drink review! If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of trying out different kinds of sparkling water. I am the girl who has water with her everywhere, from just driving around town, to the gym, and everywhere in between. So, when I can mix things up a bit from my normal H20, I love to! That’s where sparkling water comes into play!

Some have been less than exciting after built up hype and others have completely exceeded my taste buds expectations. I prefer the latter option, but hey! Everyone has their own taste, likes and dislikes. I get it. But I love to bring these taste test reviews to my blog because I for one love to hear what people think of new-to-you flavors, treats, drinks, and eats before I dive in and give it a try myself.

As always, today’s post is NOT sponsored and no, TJ’s did not pay me to give my thoughts on their sparkling beverage drink. While, I do often consider moving into our local TJ’s and making it my very own home sweet home, I haven’t been invited just yet. Until then, I’ll just wait for my invite to make its way to my inbox. 😉 Today’s opinions and thoughts are my very own, in full honest transparency.

Let’s get into it. Shall we?

At some point or another, we’ve all probably been part of a conversation or two of just how beneficial Apple Cider Vinegar is for us. From fighting the common cold to aiding in digestive health, it’s a powerful liquid that means business for taking better care of our overall wellbeing. But, within that same conversation, I’m willing to bet the absolutely DISGUSTING flavor was mentioned too. Plain Jane ACV is probably the worst tasting flavor that’s ever made its way to my tastebuds. I SIMPLY CAN’T DO IT. I have tried it though. Hear me out when I say that I’ve tried to make myself get it down and think ALL the happy thoughts as I guzzled it in, but no happy thoughts can make me enjoy the flavor of plain ACV. It’s gross and tastes like old easter eggs to match the awful smell. Can you tell by my description just how much I don’t like ACV? I hope I’ve made it clear. SO, when the chance comes up to mask the extra strong and (to me) very gross flavor, you can count me in.

Here are a few of the most common and well-known health benefits of ACV in case you may be new to it.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
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So, when I stumbled across Trader Joe’s new Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar Beverage, I decided I should probably give it a try to see if it lives up to its popular reputation. Strawberry and Lemon? Sign me up!

Trader Joe's Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar Lemon Strawberry Drink Review

As I was checking out with my $1.69 drink, the friendly TJ’s cashier chimed in and said “Oh, these are REALLy good! Have you had them before?” I answered, “No, this is actually my first time!“. She then responded, “You’ll love it! The Ginger Lemon flavor is just as good!“. So, that instantly gave me the boost of excitement I needed to give it a try.

Here’s what my tastebuds thought upon taste testing:

First thought: Wow! I can really taste the strawberry notes in this.

Second thought: Okay, I can’t taste ANY ACV at all. {Happy dance} Zero hints of it, even in the after taste. :Double checks the can to be sure it does indeed have ACV in it.:

Third thought: Alright. I could definitely see why this has been such a hit. It’s REALLY good!

Last thought: Now, I need to give the Ginger Lemon flavor a try.

Trader Joe's Sparkling Apple Cider Drink Review

Okay, so here are the details on why this drink is different than your average Apple Cider Vinegar drink:

-The flavor is seriously good. It has a subtle hint of lemon and a really delicious strawberry flavor in every sip.

-It’s made with organic juice which means no pesticides on the ingredients! (That we know of. ;))

-It’s priced really well for a “health” drink at $1.69 (gotta love TJ’s prices!) and it makes for a great flavor mix up of your daily H20.

-I love knowing that I’m getting in the benefits of ACV for my health without having to stomach the flavor of old easter eggs. So, there’s that for my last 0.02.

Trader Joe's Apple Cider Vinegar Sparkling Drink

The one downfall, in my opinion: There are 8 grams of sugar per can, so I’d keep that in mind if you’re sensitive to sugar. If anything, you could always bust one of these bad boys out pre-workout for an added little boost of energy. That’s also most likely why the flavor is masking the ACV so well is the sugar.

Alright guys, there you have it on my overall thoughts of TJ’s Sparkling ACV beverage. I’d definitely buy it again and I’m even more excited to try out the ginger lemon flavor now. I’d give this one a 8.5/10 on my flavor scale and definitely recommend you giving it a try, if you haven’t already.

Have a fabulous Tuesday! See you back here tomorrow on the blog!

Questions for you:

Have you ever tried plain ACV? What are your thoughts? Can you stomach it better than I can? (I’m a wimp when it comes to flavor…I should add)

When you grab a drink at the drink at the grocery store, what flavor or brands do you like to stick with?

What’s on your dinner menu this week? Any delicious recipes you want to share? Do tell!

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