Happy weekend! We made it!

Spring has sprung here in Arkansas and the natural state has really been showing off with all the things turning green and blooming! Per the usual, I’ve been loving every last drop of sunshine I can soak in!

Hillcrest, Little Rock

I’ve been loving heading out for a good walk after the work day ends! Sometimes we get in a walk around our neighborhood because it’s super walk-friendly and other times we decide to head on down to the river for a change of scenery. It’s been so beautiful out lately, I try to get outside for as long as I can throughout the day before our humidity starts to kick in soon.

Big Dam Bridge Little Rock Arkansas

I feel like there’s a very green theme with today’s post and I’m more than okay with that! I mean, it IS March, right? πŸ˜‰

I’ve been obsessed with these delicious and extra crunchy mini cucumbers from Trader Joe’s for afternoon snacks! I heard they were good and they did NOT disappoint for my first time trying them out! I already went back for a second box halfway through the week.

Trader Joe's Cucumbers

Green smoothies that don’t taste “green” (LOL) have been a favorite lately! I tried to re-create the “Green Machine” smoothie from Whole Foods because 1) They’re $7.50 (ish) at WF and 2) They’re SO GOOD.

This one has a splash of orange juice, a cup of unsweetened Silk almond milk, frozen mango chunks, frozen banana chunks, and a dash of Hemp seeds (they’re flavorless and add protein!). It’s REALLY good and super refreshing.

Green Smoothie

I’ve been adding these tasteless hemp seeds from TJ’s into my post-workout smoothies too!

Trader Joe's Hemp Seeds

Speaking of post-workouts, this is the protein powder I’ve been loving! I’ve never tried the vanilla but the chocolate is REALLY good! It doesn’t taste chalky at all and has a ton of really great vitamins, greens, and even probiotics!

Vega Protein Powder Chocolate

For my post-workout smoothies, I like to keep it super simple. I add one frozen banana, a cup full of this protein powder, a spoon full of my TJ’s chia seed peanut butter, a cup of almond milk and a few ice cubes. It tastes like such a sweet milkshake treat to cool down with after a good workout.

Vega Protein Smoothie Chocolate Post Workout

When I don’t get a smoothie in after my workouts, I grab one of these bars. These two are my favorite flavors of One Bars!

One Bars Protein Bars

Mixed veggie protein bowls have been the easiest dinners to whip up lately too! I steam white rice, sautee some frozen mixed veggies, and pick some sort of meat (either chicken or chopped carnitas) to toss into it and call it done! It’s filling and super flavorful when I add in a splash of low-sodium soy sauce or teriyaki on top!

Mixed Protein Bowls

For dessert these Wyman’s fruit cups are the perfect dose of sweetness! I got the blueberry flavor and then the strawberry and raspberry with greek yogurt and they’re both great! They’re so similar to those cute little Dip n’ Dots cups which is what I grew up eating!

Winding down my days with my book and little reading light is the most relaxing way to unplug.

Nighttime Reading with light

Last but not least, I have to recommend this “Morning Coffee” playlist on Spotify! It has been playing non-stop at our house! (Even not in the morning!)

That’s all for things I’ve been loving lately! I hope you guys have an amazing Saturday filled with all of your favorite things! I’m off to the gym for a leg day workout! Oh and I’m crossing my fingers our Arkansas Razorbacks make it through to the Elite 8 tonight! Eeek!!

Questions for you:

What are some things you’ve been loving lately? Any favorite snacks or playlists you’ve been obsessed with?

What are you looking for to most this weekend?

Is it still cold where you are or is it starting to heat up for spring?

Arkansas Blogger Just Me Chelsea B

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