Happy Tuesday!

It’s officially race week and I’m so happy to see sunshine in the forecast for Saturday morning. While we’re still a few days out, the weather looks like it should hold out to at least not be a complete down pour, so that makes this fair weather runner extra happy. ๐Ÿ™‚ The thought of running any distance is a storm just doesn’t sound like fun to me. A little rain wouldn’t hurt by any means, but just no storms please. That’s why Des and those Boston Marathon runners from a few years back who took on the worst of the worst stormy weather for 26.2 miles are insanely determined and impressive at their sport!

Race Week Weather

Also, I was so impressed to learn that Steph Davis who won the British Olympics Marathon this past weekend while running an average of 55-60 miles each week. Most of those runners at her level are knocking out around 90-120 easily. AND she’s 30 years old! I’m such a run nerd and totally find these articles so interesting! I can’t wait to see how her Olympic run goes! She’ll dominate for sure!


While I have ZERO plans for any sort of impressive times this weekend, I do still like to give my legs everything they need to feel fresh and ready to tackle the run come race day.

This week I plan to do 3 yoga sessions to really stretch out, two 3 mile runs (one this morning and one Thursday), and a good long walk. Followed up with my foam roller and legs up the wall for recovery! If you’re looking for me at all this week, you’ll probably see me like this parked against a wall in our house working away on my laptop whenever I can. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Legs up the wall is my favorite go-to when it comes to recovery. Oh and I’ll be downing ALL the water every day too. Hydration is always my specialty. LOL!

Legs Up The Wall

I found my old Instagram picture from 2017 which was the last time I did this 10k on this exact course and I actually got a PR that day! So, while I don’t see myself beating these times, it’ll at least be fun to see how close I can get to them!


In other news, I’ve got a garden update for you! Turns out, we have some seriously vicious squirrels in our backyard who weren’t big fans of my earlier garden setup. So, I was forced to scrap 95% of my little tiny seedlings because they got knocked over off the deck with dirt and seeds spread all over the place. I was pretty heartbroken but I’m still determined to get my garden up and running this spring. So, I saved whatever little seedlings I could from the first garden and transplanted them to this raised bed version of a plastic bin for the time being. They’re all looking pretty good so far, so I decided to go ahead and plant a few new seeds to see how they do. It’s just now warming up here in Arkansas enough to let them sit out throughout the day and night so here’s hoping in a few weeks, I’ll have some actual plants to show for all my determination. Gardening is a tough job, guys! If you grow plants to harvest, I’m SO impressed by your green thumb skills!

Raised Bed Garden Update

What’s left of my little seedlings from the beginning garden. They’re hanging despite the squirrel damage.

Garden Update

I came across this post on Instagram and had to share it here with you! I’m a firm believer in being a “quick quitter”. Why? I know most people say don’t quit–just keep going! But, I’m on the other end of that spectrum. That’s because I believe we all have a natural instinct in us to know (truly know, deep down) when something just isn’t for us. Whether it’s a job, a relationship, a life choice, anything– we know when it’s not our cup of tea. I refuse to stick around with something, whatever it is, when I know it doesn’t fit with my life. I’ve learned suffering through does myself ZERO favors. While this tactic is clearly different than running, say a marathon, which I did. I pushed myself through every step of those 26.2 miles because I WANTED IT. I knew it was FOR ME. That finish line was mine, no matter how long it took me to get there.

But, you know how many jobs I’ve quit because I knew it wasn’t worth my mental energy and effort? A solid handful. I live by this method because we have ONE LIFE. ONE. While we’re here, we have ONE solid chance at living our dreams out, so why waste a single second on something that just isn’t for us? While you can wait it out and suffer through the pain or heartache trying to make it to the other side, I say quit quick. There’s always something so much better for you and you KNOW deep down when it’s time to find the nearest exit. I’ll never have shame in living this way because up to this many years of life (31 to be exact), it’s worked in my favor. I’ll forever be a quick quitter and not a soul can convince me otherwise. If you’ve been looking for motivation to make a move, maybe you reading this message today is your sign. GO FOR IT. LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS and START TODAY. NOT TOMORROW–TODAY!

(PS Thanks for coming to my TedTalk. ;))


Time to get to work for today and hop on the treadmill for a 3-miler! I hope you guys have an amazing day! I’ll be back tomorrow with another round of “What’s Up Wednesday”! See you then!!

Questions for you:

What’s your pre-race week prep typically look like?

Do you have any weekend plans lined up? I know it’s Tuesday, but it’s never to early to plan ahead!

Where is your first vacay scheduled once the world returns to normal?

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  1. 100% quick quitting is the way to go! The longer you keep something that isn’t right in your life the longer you’re crowding out the good stuff. I apply this the most to books and TV shows, and I’ve also benefited hugely by leaving jobs that I knew were wrong.

    Good luck on your race!


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