New Favorites + This Week’s Workouts + Marathon Madness

New Favorites + This Week’s Workouts + Marathon Madness

Hi and happy Sunday!

Hopefully, you’ve had a great weekend filled with all the fall things! It’s been a great one around here packed with lots of sunshine and FINALLY some fall-like temps.

I started off the week in full on marathon madness watching both the Chicago Marathon and Boston on Sunday and Monday! I was glued to the screen for both races and loved every second of them. It’s crazy to think it had been SO long since the last big races were in person. I just know the energy at both had to be electric from runners to supporters alike. There’s truly nothing that compares to the running community, especially on race day!

Then, it was time to hit the treadmill. I’m always filled up with ALL the motivation after watching a big race. Anybody else? But, once I’m out on the run I always think to myself “HOW DO THEY RUN SO FAST FOR SO LONG?!?!”.

I was able to get in 3 different Peloton classes this week! All 3 left me sweaty as ever, of course! But, there’s just something about the playlists and those instructors that really lights a fire in you by the end.

I got in a good strength session post-run this week too! I signed up for Madeline Moves and have LOVED the workouts so far! They’re not too intense yet but I know they’ll really ramp up as I get further into the sessions. Have you heard of her workouts before or tried them yourself? I’d love to hear your favorites!

After my workouts I’ve been loving whipping up a quick egg/toast sandwich or my favorite Kodiak Cakes protein waffles! Cooper was a tiny bit jealous. 😉 Don’t worry, he had a bite at the end.

We also found out we live within walking distance to great little grocery store which could be quite dangerous because you guys know my love for my grocery shopping trips. While there’s no Trader Joe’s here, we still have some great options that are filling my void, so no complaints here. But, I do have HIGH HOPES that they’ll build a TJ’s here one day. I’ll be first in line, without question.

These palm tree views on our walk back from the grocery store won’t ever get old.

I found a new favorite coffee creamer and couldn’t NOT share it with you! You know when something sounds too good to be true? Well, this creamer did NOT disappoint! It’s super similar to one I had last year from TJ’s but not overly sweet by any means. It’s just right and really does taste just like a delicious oatmeal cookie for breakfast! I’m a huge fan and highly recommend trying this out if you haven’t already.

I also found my new favorite beach lunch with the cutest little adult ‘lunchable’ from Publix! It’s a half turkey sandwich, grapes, and apples! The easy clean up makes it that much better, too!

PS I finished reading Beach Read this week!! I’ll be putting up my review for it in a few days, so be sure to stay tuned!

Fall has officially arrived!! Cooper woke up this morning to quite the shock of temps in the 50’s. He wasn’t too sure what to think of it after our super warm weather down at the beach lately. HA! 🙂 The blanket is a total mood, right?

PSS there’s a new vlog up on my channel! ‘Saturday with me’ for our beachy weekend! Feel free to check it out below!

Alright friends, I’m off to wind down the weekend and get ready for the work week ahead. Thanks for stopping by!!

Talk soon!

Questions for you:

Did you watch or run the marathons this past week?

What’s your favorite ‘fall’ activity?

Is it cooling off where you are? I’ve heard there’s snow in Salt Lake City, Utah! WHOA!

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