Exploring 30A + New Book + Happiest of Salty Deliveries

Exploring 30A + New Book + Happiest of Salty Deliveries

Hi friends and happy Sunday!

This post is coming to you as I sit on my couch and reflect on our saltiest week yet, in the best of ways!

It was filled with anything and everything from quesadillas to hopping into the ocean fully clothed to pizza on the beach AND new reads! WHEW!!

Let’s dive into all the salty randomness that filled our week up!

First up, we spent more than a handful of our afternoons post-work exploring around our new-to-us backyard! The strip of 30A and it’s cutest of neighborhoods, trails, shops, and restaurants are just about an 8 or so minute drive from us. So, we decided that spending our time strolling, window shopping, and enjoying the views is just what we plan to do for the foreseeable future. πŸ˜‰

We checked out beautiful Alys Beach, stunning Rosemary Beach, and our favorite (and oh so festive) Seaside. Each of these areas feel so uniquely different style-wise and also like you’re walking in a magazine from one corner to the next. Fall at the beach has always been my favorite time of year here, (September specifically) but to get to live here through all of the fall months really takes everything to the next level. I can’t wait to see everything transform come Christmas time. Bring on the twinkly lights!

We’ve officially been here for 5 weeks so we celebrated with a happy hour lunch/dinner at Amigos30A. Hands down, the best quesadilla I’ve ever had! My mouth is watering just seeing the picture of its deliciousness! Beef quesadillas are my new favorite kind of mexican dish. YUM! There’s a cute little Italian restaurant right next door (I think it’s their sister company) called Amici30A and we can’t wait to try it out next!

Amigos30A Mexican Food
Amigos30A Mexican Kitchen

We caught our first sunset on the beach this week! There has been a bit of ‘red tide’ around the Florida panhandle which is a red algae that creeps onto the shore and it brings on itchy throats, sneezing, and watery eyes. So, while that’s not the best– the views make up for it in the best of ways. Cooper enjoyed the view from his backpack too! Nick is rocking the dog dad life! πŸ˜‰

To continue the saltiness, I whipped up a few bowls of our favorite gumbo for dinner and added a good helping of rice to thicken it up. It was REALLY delicious and hit the spot! I don’t really want to imagine our sodium intake levels this week…but for now let’s pretend that’s not a thing!

Gumbo at home on 30A

One night earlier this week, we were going for a beach walk and came across a little shark swimming around and tried to catch a video/picture but had no such luck. Those little guys swim so fast it’s hard to catch them on camera, especially when the clouds rolled over and we weren’t sure where he was swimming around us. That’s just a tiny bit terrifying. πŸ˜‰ So, we hopped back on shore and kept strolling, wet shorts/leggings and all. I’m sure the people around us thought we had lost our minds, but we were on a failed mission, they just didn’t know it.

Life at the beach on 30A

When you’ve worked up quite the appetite with walks along the salty shore, I 10/10 recommend ordering pizza on the beach!

Pizza delivery on the beach 30A

…and starting the weekend off with donut dates too! Thomas’ Donuts in Laguna Beach has become our new favorite. It’s adorable and smells heavenly from corners away. It’s a must-eat place, for sure!

Thomas Donuts Laguna Beach Florida

I finished up Beach Read (review coming your way tomorrow!) and moved onto another book by the same author, ‘People We Meet on Vacation‘! So far, it’s adorable, just as I expected it would be. While I was wrapping up Beach Read a few days ago, a girl that was walking by us stopped and said “That’s the best book!! I’m reading ‘People We Meet on Vacation’ and it’s just as good!” So, I took that as a sign that I should jump into it next.

People We Meet on Vacation

Alright, I’m off to sweat some of this saltiness out with a good run because I have a 5k coming up next weekend!

I hope you guys have an amazing rest of your Sunday! We hope to snag some pumpkins to carve and some delicious fall cookies to bake so stay tuned for some fall activities coming to the blog this week!

Talk soon!

XOXO – Chelsea

Questions for you:

If you had to choose between salty/sweet forever, which would you choose?

What’s your favorite fall activity?

Any upcoming races on your calendar?

I signed up for a local 5k in a new neighborhood right by us who has partnered up with a running film festival in Watersound this next weekend! It should be tons of fun and a super flat course. YAY!

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