Yoga for Flexibility + Farmer’s Market Finds + Reading Out Loud

Yoga for Flexibility + Farmer's Market Finds on 30A + Reading Out Loud

Good Morning from me and my morning coffee and my little sidekick as we type out today’s blog post!

Every morning I wake up before anyone else does and make my morning coffee. Then, I quietly slip out to the patio to enjoy the sunrise. I always leave the door cracked just a bit and after so long I hear a little nudge at the blinds as Cooper makes his sleepy and half-awake entrance to say good morning. It’s the cutest and one of those things I love most about having a slow-paced sleepy senior pup who still ALWAYS tries to make sure he’s where I am at all times.

Mornings with a senior pup

Okay, so you know you’re in your 30’s when you start specifically starting to search for ways to help improve your flexibility. Anybody else find themselves feeling their legs grow achy after sitting a little too long or their back popping more and more in their 30’s?

Last week, I squeezed in a few good Yoga with Adriene sessions and they felt AMAZING. It’s been a while since I’ve had a good yoga class and this was what my body was needing big time! There’s something about yoga by a fireplace that makes it 10x cozier, right? Especially when it’s a yoga for bedtime or unwind yoga class.

I also made sure to add in a few legs up the wall moments and post-workout stretches too. I’m a constant work in progress with recovering after my workouts because it’s something I’m sooo bad at overlooking. It’s like, I think “when I’m done, I’m done!” and onto the next activity of the day. But, I certainly don’t want to deal with an injury, so it’s definitely an area I want to really focus in on and improve on.

This weekend, we hit up the local Farmer’s Market in Rosemary Beach and it was as cute as ever. This was the biggest Farmer’s Market I’ve ever been to and they had anything and everything from fresh seafood to dog treats to flowers and so much more. But, what did we end up with? You guessed it. Baked goods. I know you’re not surprised. πŸ˜‰

Rosemary Beach 30A Farmer's Market

We have a new nightly activity that I’m loving! Once we’re all settled down for the night, we grab a book and one of us reads out loud. Cooper clearly isn’t interested in participating, but again, I know you’re not surprised. Anyways, right now Nick is reading Jay Shetty’s new book “Think Like a Monk” and so far we’re loving it. It’s a really great read filled with tons of good takeaways for breathwork, mindfulness, and awareness. Maybe I’ll have him do a review once he’s done with it, but for now, I’m just enjoying having my own real-life audiobook right in the living room. PS, we’re still on the hunt for curtains. πŸ˜‰

Reading out loud

Sometimes, a lazy Sunday is just what’s necessary to prep for an upcoming week. It sure doesn’t help when it’s a gloomy day, either.

The Hidden Lantern Rosemary Beach

I’m gearing up for my 5k this weekend with some fun HIIT run classes on the Peloton app. I mix it up and do some HIIT, some hills, and some interval classes.

Egg and avocado sandwich

My love for egg sandwiches is still going strong. But, this time I added a little fresh avocado. YUM!

One thing I’ve noticed since making our move to the beach is my increase in daily steps. Check out my health app stats to see what I mean! Remember when I said I spent a ton of time this past summer lacking in motivation? My step counts are the proof! I spent way too much time behind my computer working away and less time moving, which isn’t a good recipe. Ever since we’ve moved here, I’ve averaged around 8,000 steps per day and most of the time I get really close to closing all of my rings. SO, I’ve decided to challenge myself to a little “Close the Rings Daily” challenge. I’m going to try for 7 days straight to close my rings every. single. day.

Your job is to hold me accountable, okay! Deal.

Daily step count
Increase in daily step count

I’m off to get started on work for the day, then it’s time to head to pick up a few festive fall things from the store! More to come here and on the vlog about that! πŸ˜‰

Until then, have an amazing Tuesday, friend! Sending lots of love your way!

XOXO, Chelsea

Questions for you:

Do you keep up with your step count?

Do you prefer audiobooks or actual hand held books?

Yoga fan or no? If so, what’s your favorite way to get yoga in?

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