Halloween Weekend + Halloweener Derby + Run Watersound 5k Race

Halloween Weekend + Halloweener Derby + Run Watersound 5k Race

Hi! Happy day after Halloween!

I hope you had a super fun weekend doing all the fall things. Can you believe I didn’t have a single piece of Halloween candy? SAY WHAT? I know. Crazy, right? Because we’re in an apartment, we didn’t have trick-or-treaters because they did Trunk-or-treat last week. So, we didn’t have to buy any extra candy to hand out this weekend.

We did, however, have a really busy and fun-filled weekend. Somehow we cramped a little bit of everything into just two days. So, let’s rewind back to the start.

PS, before we hop into the blog I’ve got a new VLOG up on my YouTube channel all about this weekend’s Halloween fun! Feel free to subscribe while you’re there! πŸ˜‰

Friday afternoon, we headed over to Gulf Place to explore and check out their cute little shops. It was such a neat place and we already can’t wait to head back to hang out and have a beach day there soon!

Gulf Place 30A

Then, we went for a beach walk and it was a double red flag day because of the strong winds. So, we just stopped by to see the Dune Lake there which is where the nearby freshwater lake feeds into the Gulf of Mexico. This is something that is SUPER rare and special for 30A lakes/beaches. It really is amazing to see it in person to watch nature do its thing, untouched!

Gulf Place Dune Lake 30A

Then, we headed home and I whipped up a little steamed veggie pasta dish for dinner. It was a delicious way to get in those added veggies!

Veggie Pasta Dish

Then, Saturday morning we woke up and headed down towards Seaside. We always take the scenic route to see the cute towns along the way. Alys Beach is STUNNING in every way. The palms lining the street is definitely my favorite part.

Alys Beach 30A

Once we got into Seaside, it was time for the most adorable thing I’ve ever experienced. We saw the Halloweener Derby in Seaside Town Square. Seriously, it’s as cute as it sounds. There were around 55 or so little dachshund dogs racing each other (2 at a time to be fair) and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Plus, the adorable little puppers running around the race were there for that after-party costume contest. I mean, I was literally in dog heaven. Ahh! So much fun!! If you’re ever in the area of 30A for Halloween, you have to see the Halloweener Derby. This was their 11th anniversary of hosting it and it was the best thing ever.

Halloweener Derby Seaside

Afterward, we headed right across the street to see the Seaside Farmer’s Market and they had great live music playing.

Seaside Farmers Market 30A

Then, we checked out the beach nearby!

30A Beach Seaside

And, grabbed a bite to eat from the airstream row of food trucks! We had BBQ from Barefoot BBQ and it was the most delicious sandwich I’ve ever had!! It was amazing!! My favorite part of 30A is how dog-friendly it is. So much so, they have these little water bowls all around town when the peppers need a drink on their strolls. HOW CUTE!!

Airstream Row in 30A Dog Friendly Beach

We couldn’t leave Seaside without visiting the Truman Show house! Fun Fact about 30A: They filmed the Truman Show right here in this very neighborhood and in this house in 1998!

The Truman Show House

After we were done walking around Seaside for the morning, we hopped on over to Watersound Origins, which is a nearby neighborhood on 30A. I grabbed my race packet for the Run Watersound 5k! I was super excited to get a real t-shirt this time instead of a tech-t. These are always my favorite!

Run Watersound 5k Race

When we got home, I whipped up my 3-ingredient cookies! They were totally delicious and couldn’t have been easier!

3 Ingredient Cookies

Cooper was a fan of licking the spoon before it was time to toss the dishes in the dishwasher. πŸ˜‰ That’s the best part of baking, right?

Senior dog perks

After that, we were going to check out a film festival but ended up having a change of plans last minute and decided to check out 30A at night instead. So, we went for a night walk along the main strip of Seaside and saw allllll the twinkly lights. Day or night, this area is my favorite place to be.

Strolling Seaside 30A

Once we were tired of strolling, we headed home and I got ‘flat me’ ready for race day!

Flat Me Run Watersound 5k

Race day morning! Cooper wasn’t a big fan of the early AM alarm clock. HA! He prefers to sleep in a little bit if you can’t tell by his tiny grumpy scowl. He came decked out in his ‘pint size dude’ shirt though, so at least he was dressed and ready for the race!

Pupper 5k

This was our first ever duo 5k in the stroller. I think he was a fan ;).

Run Watersound 5k Dog Stroller Race

Do you see his big yawn? Yeah, like HE was the tired one after we crossed the finish line.

Post Race 5k finish photo

Here are our official results! Out of about 82 people, we finished right in the middle which isn’t too shabby for my first stroller race. He wasn’t too light, so I was pretty proud of our time.

official 5k results
Apple watch stats

Cooper’s old man nap time was calling as soon as he got into the car for the ride home. Zzz…

Tired senior pupper post 5k

Once we got home we decided it was the perfect day for a beach day with the temps in the mid 70’s and lots of sunshine. We even made a new little crabby friend while we were there! He was so friendly and let me get right up close to him for a photoshoot.

Upclose crab on 30A

Whew!! That was quite the weekend! We had SO MUCH FUN though and I’m so glad to finally have been able to get a race in.

I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your Monday and are recovering from the weekend of all things candy and fun!

XOXO – Chelsea

Questions for you:

What was your weekend like? Anything fun and festive go down?

Have you ever seen a dog race before?

What are you looking forward to most this week?

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