The Ultimate Gift Guide for Runners (from an actual runner)

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Runners 2021

It’s that time of year where gift guides become crucial for finding THE perfect gift for the extra special loved ones in our lives.

I have a few gift guides planned but this one might be my favorite, hence why I’m starting off with it. (duh!)

For today’s post I’ve put together the ULTIMATE (and only) Gift Guide for Runners (2021 edition)!

If you’re lucky enough to have a wonderful runner in your life (wink, wink!), count yourself blessed because runners make for some of the best of the best humans that walk this planet. Okay, so I mayyyyy be a bit biased because I obviously love running. But, I truly am a firm believer that the running community is like no other. We cheer for each other, we push each other, and we care for each other because we know we’re the craziest of crazy. I mean, come on. Who else wakes up at 6AM to run a 7AM 5k on Thanksgiving? Yeah, not a lot of people. But, runners — we do it all! We sign up for pain. We pay big bucks for blisters. And, well we torture ourselves for a metal. But, it’s all because we’re in love with all things running. Which, is why I’m MORE than excited to share today’s Christmas gift guide with you today for the extra special runner in your life. The list could go on and on but I narrowed it down to the most affordable AND most functional gifts that us runners will be extra thankful for come Christmas morning.

So, let’s jump right into this gift guide goodness, shall we? Let’s do it!

(PS I have included affiliate links so if you feel so led to click on the links below to make a purchase, I could potentially buy myself half a coffee with the help of your purchase. It’s not much but it’s much appreciated in every way.)

  1. This pair of Goodr Sunglasses. These beauties are non-slip, non-bounce, comfy, and cute. Not to mention their priced perfect for a gift under $40!
Best running sunglasses Goodr Sunglasses for Runners

2. These Compression socks. These socks make ALL the difference in recovery and on long runs. Trust me on this one. I ran a marathon in them and they saved the day in more ways than I can count.

Best Procompression Running Socks

3. These adorable Sport Watch Bands. While these might not be a necessity they sure are cute. Right? Right. Who doesn’t love to change things up a bit and match their running outfits every now and then? I know I do.

Nylon Sports Running bands for runners watches

4. This foam roller. Painful? Yes. Necessary evil? You betcha! IYKYK.

Best foam roller for recovery

5. These running socks. When it comes to running, blisters go hand in hand. BUT, not with these socks. Seriously, they work wonders for our ankles. I refuse to run long distances without them because they’re THAT good.

Best running socks for runners Balega

6. This Audible gift card. We need entertainment on the run and what’s better than getting lost in a good book for a few miles? Nothing. That’s what.

Best gift card for runners: Audible

7. This Garmin 235 running watch. Old faithful never goes out of style. Waterproof = CHECK. LONG BATTERY LIFE = CHECK. LONG-LASTING = CHECK.

Best watch for runners: Garmin 235

8. These AfterShokz Headphones. These are on my very own wishlist because I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. They’re non-slip, waterproof, and sweatproof which is all kinds of helpful on the run. Plus, I’ve heard their battery life is amazing! Bring on the marathon training!

Best running headphones: Aftershokz

9. Light Up vests. Early morning and late-night runners need all the lights so that cars can see them around every corner. These are a life-saver in more ways than one.

Running vest that lights up

10. This thick fitness mat. You can strength train, stretch, and yoga your heart out on this mat! SCORE!

Best yoga mat for runners

11. This flipbelt phone holder. You can’t go for a run and leave your phone at home so having a non-slip/non-bounce belt is a must.

Best running belt: Flipbelt

12. For a fancier gift go big with these Bose Frames to skip the headphones but keep the shade.

Bose Running Sunglasses

Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide for Runners

  1. GU Energy Gels
Gu Gels for runners: Stocking Stuffers

2. Handwarmers

Hot hands for runners

3. Cliff Bloks

Shot blocks for runners

4. Earwarmer Headbands

Best ear warmers for runners

5. Epson salt.

Dr. Teals recovery epsom salt

6. Body Glide

Body Glide for Her: Stocking Stuffers for runners

A few additional ideas would always be giving the gift of a local running store gift card, money for race entry fees, local yoga studio gift card, or a massage gift certificate. You truly can’t go wrong with ANY of these ideas because your runner can pick and choose what they love most and will be ever so thankful for your thoughtful support of their favorite hobby.

Happy runners = Happy people.

Happy shopping, friends!!

Feel free to drop any other ideas I may have missed down in the comments below! Who knows! We could always do a gift guide 2.0 to add to the list!

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