Vlogmas Day 16! Seacrest Beach Day + Christmas Shopping in Seaside (FAIL)

Vlogmas Day 16 at Seacrest Beach on 30A

Hi friends! It’s Vlogmas Day #16! Whew!

I may or may not be the worst Christmas shopping procrastinator that walks the planet. Let’s just say, I’m so thankful for online shopping because every time I try to shop in-store for gifts, I FAIL. I don’t know if it’s just too overwhelming because of all of the options or what but we TRIED to shop in Seaside and alas left with verrrryyy little off the list. But, we get an A+ for effort.

Thanks for hanging out with me for another fun day of vlogmas! I hope you’re having the best of the best Christmas season! No matter, what I’m sending you lots of beach-y love from the beautiful gulf coast of Florida!

XOXO – Chelsea

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