What I Do For Work

What Is A Freelance Content Creator?

I’m asked pretty often what exactly I do for work and to be quite honest there’s not one exact way to answer that. Overall, I’d say my “job title” is Freelance Content Creator.

So, what exactly is a “Freelance Content Creator”? Great question!

I work with companies all across the U.S. to create (and manage) social media content and website content (including website copy and blog articles) for businesses of all shapes and sizes. I’ve written for anyone from luxury real estate companies to plumbers to doctors and everyone in between.

I’ve been working as a “Freelance Writer” for about 4 years now but worked in a marketing agency capacity as a Social Media Manager the year prior to starting out on my own.

Freelance Social Media Content Creator

So much of what I do is incredibly creative so to be able to have the flexibility to work from just about anywhere is a necessity to me. I found when I worked for an agency years back that I was so limited with creativity as I was staring at the same four walls for 8 hours a day 5 days a week. It just did NOT work for me. But, working from home or remotely did (and does) work best and has been the biggest gift I could’ve ever been given.

I’m a highly self-motivated person so I have no problem waking up and hopping onto my computer to start the day or staying up a little later than most to knock out a work project because I’m “in the flow” creatively. But, I also know that with what I do, I can’t force the creative juices to flow on demand. So, some days the words flow like water, and other days it’s like squeezing lemon juice out of a rock. Those are the days that I step away from my computer and get outside for a breather to refresh my nervous system.

I find writing and creative inspiration comes on most when I least expect and I know I can’t force it by any means. That’s why I spend a lot of my time outside or consuming content to soak in inspiration all around me. I keep a long-running list in my “notes app” on my phone for anything and everything that comes to mind for content. There have been countless nights when I wake up with a creative idea for a blog article, video topic, or caption so my notes app is my go-to creative log. But, I’d have to say the most common place I’ve found I’m creatively inspired is on the run logging miles in my running shoes. It must have something to do with stirring up the blood flow and moving my body outside that really gets the ideas flowing.

My history with writing goes back pretty far so as far as what actually planted me into the world of freelance writing comes from a few different places. I’ve always been a journal keeper since I was a little girl. I often cringe at the thought of ever coming across my childhood journals because who knows what made its way into those pages. But, once I got into college I decided to major in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism. I thoroughly enjoyed the newspaper writing classes and felt like I could see myself one day writing for a magazine or newspaper and less as a TV News Anchor. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the broadcast side because I have a huge love for video but I didn’t like the idea of having to move all over the country at the drop of a hat for a job that many of the anchors/reporters I met within my internship didn’t seem to be all that in love with. It just didn’t feel right to me. While editing (hello typos and run-on sentences) isn’t my jam, creative writing and sharing stories through wording is.

In my senior year of college, I stumbled into blog reading and fell in love with the whole aspect of sharing day-to-day life in an online journal. I still read some of the exact same blogs I did back in 2011. (Yep, I graduated from UCA in 2011! (grandma! ;)) So, I jumped into learning about ALL things website creation, marketing, and social media content creation.

At the time that I started my blog all those years ago, I had no idea it would be the one thing to help me land a full-time job in marketing years down the road. But, alas it did. I had always wanted to try to get into marketing because I felt like it was pretty connected to the communications world and creative industry but just didn’t quite know who would take a chance on me and my little old blog. Then, one application after another turned into an interview that landed me my first full-time gig as a paid Social Media Manager.

After working there for just about a year and managing 30+ social media accounts I decided the office life didn’t fit me best. I fell in love with what I was doing for work but just felt like I had the hardest time being my most creative self in such a “boxed-in” capacity. So, I put in my two weeks notice and dipped my toe into the freelancing world via UpWork and Scripted to work from home and for myself.

That’s what brings me to where I am today!

I’ve been lucky enough to work with clients all over the U.S. and have learned a ton along the way! It’s such a fun industry because no day looks the same because no client is the same. I get to jump from topic to topic and creative task to another all in a single day’s work which 100% sets my mind on fire. I end most days feeling really satisfied but also mentally fatigued. It’s definitely a career that doesn’t fit everyone but it couldn’t fit me any better. I love what I do and love learning all along the way. Seeing my work published on websites or on social channels lights me up and knowing I’m able to help businesses grow and reach the masses is something just can’t be beat with any other job.

So, that’s that! Hopefully, that explains what I do for work in a nutshell. Obviously alongside my “day job” I manage my own social channels, website, and YouTube channel too! So, the creativity clock doesn’t really stop in my world but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shameless plug: Do you need help managing your social media or website content? I’m your girl! E-mail me at chelseactive@gmail.com and let’s talk!

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